Date Night Ideas at Home


15 At Home Date Night Ideas

We are always looking for fresh new ways to switch up date night. For many reasons you may need to have date nights at home! Home Date Nights are a great way to save money, make things special if you have tiny children, or just have fun if you don’t feel like leaving home.

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At home Date night: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog


1. Get Take Out:

I know this seems pretty original. However, food from your favorite place can make your soul happy even if you are at home. So order from your favorite restaurant or a new place. Set up your table with real dishes and maybe even a candle and pretend you’re really out on the town. Once the kids are down, you’ll even forget you are having a date night at home.

2. Watch a movie

This may be a great time to watch a series or start with old classics. Do you know each other’s favorite childhood classics? Be intentional with your movie choice and switch up genres from your normal. You could even add several movie choices in a jar and choose one out at a time. Simply putting your phone away can make movie night and date night seem more intentional.

At home Date night: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog

3. Have a virtual game night with other couples.

Because of technology there’s lots of ways to connect with other people. And a double date at home could still be possible! Whether with a gaming system, or an app find a game you can all play together.

4. Take your date to the back yard, or patio.

Just a small change in scenery can make all the difference. You could even have a little camp out right at home.

5. Play a round of Top Chef

Make each other something with only ingredients found in your pantry! This could be fun!

6. Work on a DIY project together

At home Date night: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog

Tackle some of those Honey-Dos together once the kids go to bed! Working on painting project or building together can bring a fun variety to your home date night!

7. Play games or do a puzzle together

Spice it up though if you know what I mean.

8. Have a destination theme night

Do you have a favorite country or place that you love to visit. Or maybe a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Make foods from that place, look at pictures from a trip you’ve taken there, or watch a movie based on that city.

9. LEGO master championship

Watch an episode of LEGO masters, and then challenge each other to build something. Have the kids judge in the morning, or post them on social media and let the people decide. A Little Friendly competition is fun for date night!

10. Fondue Night

At home Date night: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog

Get silly or romantic with a little fondue! It’s fun to eat foods out of the ordinary!

11. Take a painting class

There are several art classes now available on YouTube or via their own personal websites. All you need is the supplies and you could do a painting class right at home.

12. Have a spa night

Give each other massages, do face masks and sip a yummy drink.

13. You Tube Dance classes

Learn how to slow dance, foxtrot, or anything else thanks to YouTube. It’s like you’re actually at a dance class but all for free at home!

14. Do a virtual museum tour

Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to see? Right now many locations have virtual tours, and you can explore these places together!

15. Learn something new together

Maybe this could be a new language or a new skill. Maybe you teach each other something!

At home Date night: Corpus Christi Mom's Blog

Do you have any at home date nights that we didn’t think of? Let us know some of your favorites and tag us on social!