5 Coastal Bend Date Ideas


Ladies and Gents, it’s date night! Or it could be, if you plan it…Need some date ideas?

So what is there for a couple to do in the Coastal Bend? Oh soooo many things. 

Date night, date day, fancy date, low key date, first date, make up after a fight date, 20th anniversary date, we got you covered. Here are our top 5 date ideas to make memories with your special someone:

  1. BE FANCY – Get your fancy dress out and head to Katz 21 Steak and Spirits where you will find amazing dinner options and an upscale ambiance. Since you are already dressed up, support your local theaters and check out a show at Aurora Arts Theatre or Harbor Playhouse
  2. STAY ACTIVE– Grab your sneakers and head downtown for a SegwayTour. Then grab a bite to eat downtown at Harrison’s Landing where you can find a fun drink menu and tasty seafood options for lunch or dinner. 
  3. GET CAFFEINATED– Start with some coffee at the Coffee Mugg, maybe a sweet treat too, and then make your way to the Art Museum of South Texas or the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History for a daytime date. Day time dates are underrated, and so are these awesome museums. 
  4. WEAR SUNSCREEN– Why live in the Coastal Bend and not go to the beach? Another great day time date option too! Check out Surfside Sandwich Shoppe and then make your way to Joy Ride Rentals to rent a golf cart. Cruise to the beach and enjoy the sunshine, waves, and salty air, and most importantly: the fact you won’t have sand in your car. 
  5. LIVE DANGEROUSLY– Nothing brings a couple closer together like free falling from a plane back down to solid ground. Check out SkyDive South Texas. After you make it back to safety, I think a drink is in order. Check out Bron’s Beach Carts and Back Yard for tasty frozen drinks. 

Don’t be the local who says, “Ugh, there is nothing to do here!” Our community is growing and local businesses need our support, and you need to keep the romance alive in your relationship! And truly, there are some really amazing things to do here, unique and traditional date ideas, and some fun memories to be made. Date night, date day, it doesn’t have to be extravagant (or it could be), or even expensive, but don’t sit at home bored. Do stuff, all the stuff!

What is your favorite Coastal Bend date night? Share your pics in the comments!