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The Coach's Wife Life - Corpus Christi Moms Blog
When my husband and I got married fresh out of college, I really didn’t give much thought to what my future life as a coach’s wife would look like. I assumed he would finish up his master’s degree, get a job as an assistant, eventually make his way up the ranks to head coach, and we’d live happily ever after. That sounds like a pretty good gig!

It didn’t take long for a fresh slap of reality to teach me what the coach’s wife life was really all about.

I’m often asked about my husband’s job as a collegiate baseball coach, and I’ve found the easiest way to explain our lifestyle is by telling you about all the “No”s: 

There is no money:

Seriously. I know y’all only hear about the coaches making 6+ figures, but the rest of the collegiate coaching world would realistically make more money at a high school. Did you know there is such thing as a “volunteer” coach? Yep. My husband paid his dues with three years of more than full-time work for no paycheck. Four schools and four years later, he landed a job that offered part-time pay. That became full-time – with an agreement to teach bowling classes. A master’s degree and seven years of experience later, we can finally say for the first time ever that he’s getting a full-time paycheck solely to coach baseball {buh-bye, bowling!} By the way, the younger, more naive, Sara turned down a job offer out of college because it didn’t pay enough. That job paid more than my husband makes now.

There is no off season:

“When is his off season?” Y’all, it does not exist. Technically the games are scheduled from January to May, but before that there’s practice, and fall ball when school starts, and camps over the summer. Don’t forget weights before sunrise and midnight bus rides. And 24/7 recruiting. Showcases, visits, calls, texts, e-mails… it is truly non-stop. I always joke that my husband could legitimately be having an affair and I would have no idea because it’s always “a recruit.” The loneliness can be tough as a wife, and downright HARD as a mom, so we do take advantage of “slower” times during summer and winter for holidays and vacations, but coaching is absolutely an all day, every day thing.

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There is no job security:                                                                                                                     

Can you imagine your job security and livelihood being dependent on the performance of a bunch of 18 to 22 year old males? Not to mention, as an assistant, if your head coach leaves, you’re likely gone too. Each summer is what they call the “coaching carousel.” Were we good enough to keep our jobs? Will I get a new job? Will my head coach get a new job? Would he take me with him? Would they hire me in his place? Every year is a question mark. Lots of schools… lots of moves. After our first year, the head coach retired. On to the next school, where the head coach was fired and replaced by the athletic director himself, who hired his sons as the assistants. Off we went, again, to a new school. After spending one summer applying for 55 JOBS just to get a paycheck, we landed in South Texas where we’ve been ever since {4 years.} 

Most importantly, there is NO better life:

The coach’s wife life can be a roller coaster for someone like me who craves stability, but I can’t imagine living any other way now. It took me out of my comfort zone and threw me into a world of uncertainty, but I have made some of the very best friends along the way. I’ve watched my husband experience his dream job and make a difference in the lives of so many of his players. We get to be part of a growing family year after year after year. 

Despite all the “no”s, I am so thankful God chose this path for me. Becoming a coach’s wife will forever be one of the best “yes”s of my life. 

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