Creating a Summer Meal Capsule


Creating a Summer Meal Capsule

(To eliminate decision fatigue, save money, and save time.)

I am pretty good during the school year with routine. But during the summer we are kinda all over the place, and although I embrace summers for that reason I tend to HATE making dinner in the summer. I decided to try a meal capsule idea recently and it’s going REALLY well. It has helped me not feel so overwhelmed with planning and cooking dinners. We have saved money, and it’s cut down on meal planning and prep time immensely.

meal capsule

How does a meal capsule work?

For us, we picked 5 meals for week 1, and 5 meals for week 2. Then after week 2 is done you start back over with the week 1 meals and repeat for week 3. Then repeat week 2 meals for week 4. (I hope that makes sense.) So you eat the first set of meals for weeks 1 and 3. And the second set of meals for weeks 2 and 4.

The idea is to repeat this for 3 months.

At first, I was worried we would get sick of these meals. And honestly, we haven’t. I also love that if a meal requires a special ingredient it will get used because the meals are planned 2x in one month. Two nights of the week we usually have leftovers or a cereal night. I mean let’s keep it real right?

Here are the 10 Meals we are rotating through right now.

Meal Capsule, Week One

1- French Dip Sammies with watermelon, and roasted veggies.

2- Chile Lime Tacos served with Corn on the Cob and slaw

3- Waffles with Bacon and Eggs

4- Pesto Ravioli Kabobs with Roasted Green Beans

5- Hamburgers with baked beans

Meal Capsule, Week Two

1- Grilled Pesto Sammies with a side salad

2- Chipotle Fish Tacos

3- French Toast with Bacon and Eggs

4- Grilled Chicken with Coconut Jalapeno Rice Sauce

5- Traditional Spaghetti and Grilled Zucchini

meal capsule

What meals would you include in your summer meal capsule? We are anxious to hear! Stay tuned for our Fall Meal Capsule inspiration when the seasons change!

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