10 Must-Try Christmas Desserts


10 Must-Try Christmas Desserts

just in time for all the fun parties!

I am so excited that the Christmas season is here! Christmas parties, Christmas decorations, and FOOD, all the holiday food! I LOVE IT ALL. I especially love baking. If you are using the same, tired recipe for your holiday treats, then you must check out these 10 Must-Try Christmas Desserts!

Image reads: 10 Must-Try Christmas Desserts. Background is green and the border is filled with decorated, Christmas-themed, sugar cookies.Sugar Cookie Bars: Sugar Cookies are a holiday staple at Christmas! BUT I can never make those cute, perfectly shaped and decorated cookies. So, I found this awesome alternative and I LOVE them. They are super easy and fast to make, and still meet the cute factor with much less work! 

Rum Balls: These tasty morsels are perfect for holiday parties! They travel well and are OHHHH so good. Apparently this is a traditional Christmas fav, but was definitely new to me, and now on my “make every year” list!

Peppermint Brownies: Peppermint + Brownies, what’s not to love? Brownies are good all year, and Christmas is the perfect excuse to add peppermint to a recipe, after all chocolate and peppermint pair so well. I am all in. 

Cinnamon Apple Crumble Pie: There really isn’t anything more American than Apple Pie, and this one tastes delish! It definitely beats the store bought kind at the grocer’s (though for real, not judging if you do grab one of those). You can sub the homemade crust for store bought, that is what I do!

 No Sugar Christmas Berry Cheesecake: This low sugar treat is really what we all need during the holidays! It is great for taking to parties or to serve at your own Christmas feast. Crowd fav for sure.

Shortbread Cookies: Three ingredients? FOR REAL. This seems like a trick, but it sure tastes like the perfect Christmas treat! I have not tried these yet, but the reviews are great, and I plan on making it this holiday season. 

 Christmas Chocolate Chip Cookies: Yes, and YES! These are amazing! This is a simple twist to a traditional chocolate chip cookie, and I promise Santa will love these on Christmas morning. 

Pecan Snowball Cookies: I have had these before, but never made them, and I must say: these are easier than I thought. A new holiday tradition for us! 

Hot Chocolate Cookies: This is def a kid favorite! These yummy cookies are the definition of a winter treat! Is it too much to serve these with hot cocoa? I think not! 

Cranberry Bliss Bar: At least one item on the list had to have cranberries! These cranberry bliss bars are delicious! This recipe will definitely be a new holiday go to. 


What are your favorite Christmas recipes? I truly want to know! Share links!


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