Semi-Homemade, No-Bake Easter Cake


Semi-Homemade, No-Bake Easter Cake

I am a sucker for a kitchen dupe that makes me look like I’m creative (and smart).  

Years ago, when I first made this yummy cake – I made it with a homemade cake recipe and homemade buttercream frosting recipe.  And yes…it took hours.

So after watching several videos about re-decorating a store bought cake – I couldn’t wait to recreate this Easter Basket Cake!

light green background with two finished cakes with the title of Easy no bake Easter Basket cakes written in the graphic
Easy, Semi-Homemade, No-Bake, Easter Basket Cakes!


  • Store bought cake – whatever flavor you want and whatever size you want.
  • Frosting  (optional)
  • Coconut shavings (about 2 cups per cake)
  • Green food coloring (or you could make other colors)
  • Kit Kats (not the minis) amount depends on the size cake you use – between 25-35 individual sticks
  • Easter candy “decorations” (Peeps, jelly beans, robins malt eggs, licorice, gummy treats, etc)
  • Colorful Spring ribbons (the only non edible thing for the cake)
Picture of ingredients to assemble the Easter basket cakes
Ingredients — Peeps, Kit Kats, Robins eggs, store bought cakes, frosting, coconut, can of frosting, ribbon


We are going to start with a cake.  If you are a star baker and you want to make your own cake from scratch or even from a box – go right on ahead.  After you’ve mixed, baked, cooled, and frosted your cake  – come on back to this blog. 

I bought two cakes from Walmart – an 8 inch diameter white buttercream cake with a red and green flower decoration on top and a 6 inch diameter coconut cake.  You can work with any flavor and size as long as the height of the cake is NOT taller than a Kit Kat.

Turning the coconut flakes green with food coloring.
Turning the coconut flakes green with food coloring and a resealable bag.

Let’s start with making the coconut look like the cool green Easter basket grass.  I placed the coconut in a Ziploc bag and added green food coloring (I’d start with about 6-8 drops).  Close the grips and shake/knead the coconut until it turns green.  If you need more coloring – and a few more drops and shake until it’s the color you like.  You can also make other grass colors – like blue or pink or yellow.  I then spread the coconut on a cookie sheet – not sure if this step is needed – but I wanted the coconut to air out before adding to the cake.

Green coconut flakes, "curing" on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
Green coconut flakes, “curing” on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

Open up your Kit Kat packages and pop them apart until you have a pile of individual bars.  Set aside.

Store bought cake
Scrape off any decorations to the store bought cake – this one had a red and green flower, so I’m removing that. Feel free to eat that delicious bite as your reward for making a tasty treat!

Before assembling – transfer the store bought cake to a decorative cake plate, cake stand or a cute cardboard cake round. (the cakes can be round or square)

Assembling the Kit Kats around the cake
Start assembling the Kit Kats around the cake.

On the 8 inch cake – I scraped off the top decoration (the red/green flowers) and added a little bit of white frosting to the top and sides of the cake (this step is optional – I wanted to make sure the Kit Kats stuck to the cake and I used the frosting as a “glue”).  On the 6 inch cake, the coconut frosting was making it hard to put the Kit Kats on – so I really needed the frosting to help adhere them.

Use canned frosting to adhere the Kit Kats to the cake.

Now, we carefully assemble the “basket” part of the cake – the Kit Kat pieces!  On the 8 inch cake – I used 35 individual Kit Kat sticks.  On the 6 inch cake I used 28.

Smaller cakes will need more coconut grass added.

Next, I added a layer of green coconut grass to the top of the cakes.  Since the 8 inch cake was taller – I only needed a small covering to the cake.  The 6 inch cake was much shorter (about 2 inch height), so I needed to add more coconut grass to fill in the “basket”.

Basket complete with added green coconut "grass"!
Basket complete with added green coconut “grass”!

This next step is where your creativity kicks in – DECORATING.  I used pink and purple Peeps bunnies and robins malt eggs.  There are so many other things you could use – like Twizzlers to make basket handles, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, etc.

Add cute ribbon to the cake (not edible).

The final decoration is not-edible but adds another personal touch.  Tie a ribbon of your choosing around the cake. This helps keep the Kit Kats from accidentally falling off the cake.

Recipe card graphic for Easter Basket cakes -- no bake, about 30 minutes time to assemble

The very best part about this – I never turned on the oven!!!

Picture of 2 decorated Easter Basket cakes
Completed Easter Cakes!

Another fun idea: Get a bunch of the smaller cakes and let your kids decorate their own “baskets”!

Happy Easter, Friends!

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