Air Fryer Rotisserie Chicken Recipe


Air Fryer Rotisserie Chicken

Did you get an air fryer for Christmas? Like many of you, I did and and it has upped my meal planning game (which has pretty much been non existent since month 4 of quarantine). I have spent an embarrassing amount of time on Pinterest searching for inspiration, and have had a lot of fun trying new (and old) favorites in my air fryer. Most recently my husband and I experimented with a rotisserie chicken and it turned out SO amazing that I just knew I HAD to share it.

Air Fryer Rotisserie Chicken: coastal ben dmom collective

I love a good rotisserie chicken and since we’ve moved away from a Costco I have felt severely deprived. I prefer rotisserie chicken for pot pies, chicken tacos, chicken salad, and just for a yummy light meal so learning how to make my own has been a mission of mine.

For this rotisserie chicken you will need 1 whole chicken. If you’re worried about fitting it in your air fryer, stick to a smaller size. I used a 5 pound chicken. And I have a 6 qt qt air fryer.

Ingredients for Air Fryer Rotisserie Chicken:

  • 5 lb whole chicken
  • 1 stick of butter softened (don’t judge here…just trust me)
  • favorite dry rub (we used a steak dry rub)

That’s it. Easy Peasy.

Instructions for Rotisserie Chicken in the Air Fryer:

  1. Rinse off the chicken, and remove the giblets. Then pat dry.
  2. Separate the skin from the breast side using a metal spoon. Now, don’t be afraid but spread that half of that softened butter inside that space between the skin and the rest of the chicken. This will make your chicken skin so delicious, and aid in keeping your chicken juicy and flavorful.
  3. With the  butter left over, and using what is still on your hands coat the exterior of the chicken in butter too.
  4. Then using your favorite dry rub coat an even spread of seasoning all over the chicken.
  5. Place your whole chicken in your air fryer basket breast side down. Cook on 360 for 30 minutes. When the first 30 minutes is over flip the chicken (this took a little quick hands with some tongs). Then place the chicken back in the fryer for an additional 30 minutes.
  6. When this 30 minutes is up use a meat thermometer to check the internal temp. You need it to be 165 degrees.

(Here is a pic of what it looked like when I pulled it out of the fryer)

We served ours with baby red potatoes and delicious asparagus! If you need more inspo here’s some yummy air fryer pork chops from Jenn!



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