{Socially Distanced} Galentine’s Day Ideas


If you are like me, you are DYING for a fun girl’s night out. With Galentine’s Day coming up on Saturday, February 13th this is the perfect opportunity to plan a {socially distanced} Galentine’s Day event with your best gal pals.


If you are not familiar with the term “Galentine’s Day” let me introduce you. Thank you to the lovely Amy Poehler and her character, Leslie Knope, in “Parks in Rec” for coining the term “Galentine’s Day” where she celebrated her love for her friends the day on February 13th. In the last few years, this new made-up holiday has really taken off among girl gangs all over.

I have come up with a few ideas that will allow you and your friends come together IRL and/or virtually to celebrate Galentine’s Day in 2021.

  • Virtual Cookie Decorating Party– once you and your friends have agreed on a date reach out to a local bakery to order some Valentine’s Day Cookie decorating kits that you can each pick up individually. Then hop on your preferred method of video conference and have a cookie decorating party! Find a local bakery here! The best part, you get to eat some yummy cookies, you can pair your cookies with your drink of choice and no one has to clean their house or even put on real pants!
  • Beach Day– One of the best resources we have in the Coastal Bend that is perfect for a socially distant gathering is the beach. You and your Galentine’s Day girls can pack up for a day at the beach with plenty of space to celebrate safely. And if you need advice on how to pack for the beach check out this Stress-Free Packing List (for kids).
  • Outdoor Thrift Store Gala– I saw this shared as a Christmas Party idea, but I think it would work perfectly for Galentine’s Day. Find an outdoor space, then each friend has to find their fancy party outfit at their local thrift store. You could even have a competition for the best outfit for the least amount spent! Find some local thrift stores here!
  • Secret Cupid– This is sort of like a secret Santa, your group can draw names and then do doorstep drop-offs. Or if you would rather the whole group meet you could find a space to meet outdoors.
  • Wine Tasting– You are your girl gang could meet locally at Tannins Wine Bar and Tapas for a fun night out or brunch if you’d rather. OR you could host a gathering at someone’s home (outdoors) and have each girl bring her favorite wine. Then you can have your own wine tasting (in order to make sure that there is a wide variety you could have a sign-up list). The best part about hosting your own tasting is if you have a pregnant momma or a momma that just does not drink you could have mocktails available.
  • Cookbook Club– This one is a great idea that could be done IRL or Virtually depending on what your group is most comfortable with. Each person finds their favorite recipe from their favorite cookbook. If you are doing this virtually you could swap recipes, then have a video conference to connect and chat and try your new recipes together! If you would like to have an outdoor, socially distant, gathering you would each bring your favorite dish and have a pot luck. Then you could each talk about where your recipe came from and why it is one of your favorites.
  • Pinterest Night– Again this is one that could be done IRL or Virtually. Find one craft that your group would like to do together. (It could be valentines day related or just something springtime themed) If you are going to go virtual send out a list of supplies needed in advance and make a date to conference and craft. If you are going to do an in-person gathering you could each sign up for one supply and bring enough for the whole group, or you could each just bring your own supplies and have a craft night!
  • Volunteer Together– Find a local charity that could use some volunteers and spend an afternoon volunteering together. You can find a list of charities here!
  • Clothing Swap– Many of us have set a goal for this year to reign in our spending. But getting a new pretty top or outfit can be a fun treat. A good way to have both is to do a clothing swap! Each of you cleans out your closet of outfits that you are no longer wearing but still have life left in them. Each person brings what they would like to purge and have a swap. Anything left unclaimed can then be taken to a local shelter.
  • Photoshoot Fun– We have so many AMAZING photographers in the Coastal Bend, your girls could pick a local photographer, and each chip in for a mini photo shoot to commemorate your group. How fun would this be to have a professional picture of your tribe that you can look back on to see where each of you were as the years go on. You could even make this a tradition to see how each of you changes over the years. For a list of local photographers go here!
  • Backyard Minute to Win It Party– One of my favorite party activities is to play Minute to Win It Games. You could find a ton of different HILARIOUS games to play, to make it a little more competitive your group could come up with some prizes for the winning team.
  • Virtual Flower Arranging Party– I love to have pretty fresh flowers in my house, but I don’t often let myself spend the money on them. So this is the perfect opportunity/ excuse to get yourself some gorgeous flowers and hang out with your tribe. You could maybe find a local florist to help lead the virtual class, or maybe one of your friends is gifted and could take the lead, or find an interesting YouTube “how-to” video for you all to follow and see whose arrangement comes out the best.
  • Virtual Bob Ross Class– Have your group pick one of Bob Ross’s videos from YouTube and then as a group (Virtually) follow along and then you can give out awards for the best, the funniest, or most creative.

However you decide to spend Galentine’s Day this year, the Coastal Bend Mom Collective Team and I are so glad that you are apart of our girl gang and we can not wait to see you in upcoming events in 2021!

Galentine's Day

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