Paulina was born and raised in Mexico City. She married her husband, Bruce, in 2009 down in Mexico and at the begining of 2010 they moved to the States. Together they have 4 boys: Evan in Heaven, Ethan 6, Jason 5, and Jackson 3. They moved to the Coastal Bend 2.5 years ago to open Snowie Bus of Corpus Christi. They homeschool the kids and live a very laid back life. They dream of full-time traveling sometime in the not too distant future. Paulina has recently discovered a love of woodworking and kind of accidentally started Coy Woodworks. She also LOVES Netflix, sleeping, slow mornings, unbusy schedules, coffee, Audible, and being indoors! She is an introvert at heart and can spend days at a time at home with no need to go anywhere. The boys not much so she is always on the look out for fun activities and adventures!
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Have you heard of “Crappy Dinner Parties”?

Tell me: Have you heard of a crappy dinner party?? And no, it doesn't mean you serve crappy food for dinner! Ha!  "Crappy dinner parties" are a concept I first heard about when my friend...

Breastfeeding: Every experience is Different!

I honestly haven’t thought much about my breastfeeding experience. In my head, breastfeeding was just what you do. Maybe it wasn’t much of an issue because after 2 miscarriages and a stillbirth my only...
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Meet the Contributors: Introducing Paulina

Corpus Our decision to move to Corpus was a process of elimination type of thing. We wanted the coast and we wanted it warm for most of the year! Corpus fit the bill! The first...
Mama Stop Apologizing - Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Mama, STOP apologizing!

"Sorry about the mess!" I've blurted out many times when someone unexpectedly shows up at my door. "I'm sorry I didn't get around to making dinner" I've said to my husband many times when...

Why we don’t limit our kids screen time

Screen time for kids can be a source of multiple opinions and heated debates. There are many arguments both for and against the use of screens - specially for kids. They seem to raise lots...

A salad a day…

Ugh, eating! Why do we HAVE to eat 3 times a day! I have said many times that I wish I could only eat when I'm craving a specific food and then that they...

Fastest way to a clean oven

Ugh cleaning the oven is my least favorite activity IN.THE. WORLD! It is sticky and greasy and it takes FOREVER! I know, I know most ovens now have the self cleaning option but that stinks...
Grades & Test Scores Do Not Determine Worth

Grades don’t determine their worth…or yours.

Let me start by saying that my boys don't go to school, so I've never been on the parent side of school life. However, I did go to school, so I do have the...

Gifts for Mom….a little rant.

Moms, feel free to share with your loved ones! I was scrolling through my phone just now and I came across an ad that read: "Mom's all that". It was from a major retailer and...

Yes. You ARE a Mom.

There was a time in my life when I didn't think I would ever hold a baby of my own. Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted was to be a mom...