Meet the Contributors: Introducing Paulina



    Our decision to move to Corpus was a process of elimination type of thing. We wanted the coast and we wanted it warm for most of the year! Corpus fit the bill! The first time I heard of Corpus Christi was when one of my husband’s coworkers moved here. I saw her pictures on Social Media and it looked attractive. We had been living in the desert for about 7 years.

    Photo Credit: Alexandra Andrews

    Albuquerque, New Mexico was our first home together in the States and although many, many good things happened there (my husband had a great job, our 4 boys were born there, we bought, fixed up and sold our first home), and we had a wonderful support system we were growing tired of the lack of water and green. Also, we felt like my husband’s time at Chick-fil-a, where he faithfully worked for 7 years, was coming to an end.

     After we sold our fixer upper home, we decided to invest in a Snow Cone Bus and move to where a snow cone business would boom…the beach! We were hopeful and very naïve. Our time here has been nothing short of challenging. Sometimes in the middle of the hardest days we say, “what were we thinking!!!!” but most of the time we are grateful for this time of incredible learning and growth in EVERY.SINGLE. AREA.

    In all honesty, we don’t think Corpus is our forever home, our dream is to become full time travelers in the near future. For now we are enjoying the wonderful people we have met here and all the opportunities afforded to us by living on the coast. We (I) are not very outdoorsy but we LOVE our beach days!


    The start to my motherhood journey was a rocky one to say the least. In January 2011 I had my first miscarriage at 12 weeks and shortly after in March I lost another baby at 5 weeks. That was a heartbreaking time but it wasn’t the end of it. On May 24th, 2013 our Evan Matthew was stillborn at 37 weeks. We knew he was sick since early in pregnancy but we never in a million years thought we would lose him. At the end of that year we found out I was pregnant again! I held my breath for 9 months, or so it felt, until Ethan (6) cried in the OR. After that my body caught on to what it was supposed to do and Jason (5) and Jackson (3) came along!

    Photo credit: Lindsay Baker

    I always thought I would have two boys and two girls but now I can’t imagine being anything but a Boy Mom. I LOVE it! They are as active and full of energy as they are sweet and loving!

    We are still neck deep in the toddler years which can be a blast but also can make us lose our minds very quickly! We homeschool so we spend most of our time together. It’s cool to watch their relationships grow and get stronger through every fight, disagreement, time playing together, laugh, etc.


    As for my husband and I we are learning how to build honest, authentic, lifetime relationships with them while we encourage critical thinking and good choice making, sometimes wishing that they would just do as we say! LOL


    I’ve been a CCMB contributor for over a year now and I LOVE it! I’ve always loved to write down my thoughts. I even had a blog of my own back in the day. When we first moved here, I thought it was a great opportunity to meet new friends and join in fun events!


    I am an introvert at heart, so it was out of my comfort zone to just show up places without knowing anyone, but these ladies made me feel welcomed. I am so glad I became a part of this team when I did!  I’ve met some wonderful people and have had some great opportunities through the Blog! I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them!

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    Paulina was born and raised in Mexico City. She married her husband, Bruce, in 2009 down in Mexico and at the begining of 2010 they moved to the States. Together they have 4 boys: Evan in Heaven, Ethan 6, Jason 5, and Jackson 3. They moved to the Coastal Bend 2.5 years ago to open Snowie Bus of Corpus Christi. They homeschool the kids and live a very laid back life. They dream of full-time traveling sometime in the not too distant future. Paulina has recently discovered a love of woodworking and kind of accidentally started Coy Woodworks. She also LOVES Netflix, sleeping, slow mornings, unbusy schedules, coffee, Audible, and being indoors! She is an introvert at heart and can spend days at a time at home with no need to go anywhere. The boys not much so she is always on the look out for fun activities and adventures!