Meet the CBMC Writers: CoCo Olinger


Meet the Writers: Say Hello to CoCo Olinger!

CoCo Olinger is a retired radio morning show host and is a full time SAHM of 3yr old boy/girl twins -IVF Miracles. She is also the micro manager of her husband, Jason, of 10 yrs.

Coco Olinger and Family - including boy girl twins.
enjoys trashy reality tv of any kind, diet cokes and long days by the beach with cold beverages and taking a deep breath when it starts to get wild, cause honey it does…

You will also find CoCo podcasting with Liz on The Beachy Mamas encouraging other mamas that we are going to get through this TOGETHER!

The Beachy Mamas with Coco Olinger & Elisabeth Tabor

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