CoCo Olinger

CoCo Olinger
Coco Olinger and Family - including boy girl twins.

Meet the CBMC Writers: CoCo Olinger

Meet the Writers: Say Hello to CoCo Olinger! CoCo Olinger is a retired radio morning show host and is a full time SAHM of 3yr old boy/girl twins -IVF Miracles. She is also the micro manager...
Silver crock pot, pot roast inside. There is a black ladle in the upper right corner,

The Secret to PERFECT (crockpot) Pot Roast

When I was a kid and pot roast was for dinner, you might as well consider calling a swat team for the standoff and negotiation that is about to go down. I was not...
Boy-Girl twins wearing matching pajamas, standing in front of a halloween decorated white fireplace.

Easy & Cheap ‘Monster Fireplace’ Halloween DIY

Crafts or Crap? Sometimes it can be crap, lol, AND be a lot of extra work for you and your kiddos to do a craft together. Is it worth it? Making memories? Maybe. The headache? ABSOLUTELY...
Halloween Decorations, outside of a house at night, uprights shibnging on fake tombstones and two skeletons

Best Corpus Christi Neighborhoods for Halloween Decor

I apologize for the long line of mini vans packing the spooky hoods after this.... Now that my twins are a little older, turning 4 in December, they are ALL ABOUT HALLOWEEN. I thought they...