We renewed our vows


Girls!  We did it again!

I wore white, I carried a bouquet, we had a minister and we said “I do” AGAIN.

My husband and I renewed our wedding vows

I’d like to tell you it was because I am an amazing party planner and I just love to entertain.  But I’d be lying. 

Louie and I were married in 1999.  We had all of our friends and family there and it really was awesome.  But as you can imagine, in 20 years our marriage has gone through major ups and downs.  

According to an online article by The Knot there is no wrong reason to renew.  For us — we had many personal reasons.  Here are a few of them.


Together we’ve overcome custody battles (over my step-daughters).

Family fighting – both sides.



Career changes.


Teacher salary.

Starting a small business.

Buying and losing a home.



A disorder/syndrome with the chronic diagnosis.

Numerous hospital stays.




Louie and I have survived more than 20 years of marriage.  Was it wedding bliss all 20 years — hell no!  But did we give up — we might have thought about it for a second – but we stuck it out.  We stayed in love and are still in love. With two kids out of the house and two teenagers still in the house — our marriage looks different than it did just 10 years ago.  And it will look different 10 years from now.

At a recent work incentive trip, surrounded by our friends and fellow business owners on a Mexican beach – we had an intimate vow renewal.  That ceremony meant more to me and my relationship with Louie than the first one.  


Here are the personal vows I wrote for the renewal:


When I first met you, I wrote in my journal all of the reasons why I shouldn’t date you.

The biggest things on that list were the fact that you had already been married, you already had children, and you didn’t have the type of job that I thought you should have.


I also wrote on that list, the reasons why I wanted to date you:

You were very sexy and you made me feel special.


Today I am recommitting myself to you.  And I still find you extremely sexy (even without hair) and you still make me feel special.

But this time all those reasons I didn’t want to date you in 1995 are why I am still in love with you.

I love Sierra and Sabrina.  And I love Nina and River.

And as we are sweating in the sun with all of these other entrepreneurs – I’m honored to be a part of this “job” that you have.

I love you.


Stay tuned — we just might do it again soon.