Are you ready for this peanut butter and jelly? What is in YOUR lunchbox?


Are you ready for this peanut butter and jelly? What is in YOUR lunchbox?

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Summer is over and school is back in session, which begs the question:

What’s in your lunchbox?

Is PB& J your go-to? Are you ready for the next 180+ days of making lunches? I mean, what will they actually eat? What will end up coming back home? 

Are you ready for this jelly?

So, we tested a couple of new options and had some winners! Here is one of our favorite lunchbox recipes.

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What's In Your Lunchbox _ Coastal Bend _ Corpus Christi MomsPickle Wraps with Organic Turkey Slices


  • Organic Turkey Slices
  • Organic Cream Cheese
  • Dill Pickle Spears
  • Dash of dill
  • Sprinkle of paprika
  • Salt & Pepper to taste


Simply mix the dill, paprika, salt & pepper in with the cream cheese until smooth. Spread cream cheese mixture over turkey slices. Place a pickle spear in the center of the turkey slice, on top of the cream cheese mixture. Roll it all up! You can leave as is, taco style, or you can slice into 1/2″ slices to make pinwheels!

Side note: We know that not everyone is a pickle fan, so you can always leave the pickle out. If you need some carbs in your life, then use an organic tortilla as the base layer to make super yummy pinwheels! Simply layer the tortilla, turkey, & cream cheese mixture, and roll it up! You can get super creative and add in additional veggies. We like to add broccoli, tomoatoes and carrots to make a yummy veggie-packed taco!

Round out your healthy main course with fresh fruit, sliced veggies & dip or hummus, or even something fun like sliced apples slathered with almond butter and a sprinkle of granola. YUM!

These will definitely be a hit at lunch helping your little one not only eat healthy but helping to spread the word to other kids on the importance of clean and healthy eating.

What are your go to fun, healthy, and clean lunches?

If you don’t have a go to lunch just yet, check out this page, this page, and this one for some fun and fast ideas. 

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Jynelle Ornelas
Jynelle was born and raised in CCTX and graduated from Moody High School. Was looking to leave, but found a calling in the Health Community. Receiving a Massage Therapist License in 2007, Certified Aroma Therapist in 2011, Chinese Therapeutic Cupping Massage in 2013, Two Medical Massage License in 2015 , Receiving a Health Coach Certification in 2017, Kids Yoga Certification 2017 and topping it off with a Cosmetologist license in 2019. She is now a member of the Grow Local Farmers Market Community and part of the Marina Arts District and Artwalk and now the beautiful CCMB team. She has been married for nearly three years to her husband and best friend. They have a son, Robby, who is 10 (thinks he is 24) and Ava, 5, (thinks she is 85) and a Himalayan Cat, Buddha, who thinks he's a 4 year old child. Jynelle owns an all Organic Spa and Salon called Peace of Mind Massage Therapy and Natural Healing that my kids have grown up in and wish to be just like mom. In her free time she loves to work with plants, have dinners with friends, and date night with her husband.