Transitions :: Watching my Baby Grow


I tend to get attached to things that mean something to me, they hold emotional value. I really love routine…so I find that the transitions in our little ones lives SUCK.

I remember when my baby grew out of his sleeping sacks, and how sad that made me. When he started crawling, when he went from three naps down to two, just recently walking, and the one that’s hitting me the hardest: transitioning to regular milk instead of formula.

Something about that feels like he’s not a baby anymore and a part of me can’t take it.

Transitions are good, they mean our babies are developing as they should; they are growing up and learning new things. That should be exciting, but somehow it still isn’t enough for me. I am still sad. I want him to still sleep in that sleeping sack that gave me the comfort of knowing that he wasn’t going to accidentally cover his face with the blankets. I get all the feels just thinking about it. I hear about all the parents sending their little ones to Pre-K for the very first time, and I realize that this is only the beginning for me.

Kerena Ives : Baby : Transitions are hard

It’s the circle of life. We nurture our babies, watch them grow, become their own individuals, set them free, and hope that we raised them right. I guess there will always be a transition thrown our way when we become parents and I just have to learn to live with this. My baby is hitting the toddler phase and THAT IS OK! And I repeat this to myself in my head, as I type, THAT IS OK!

Send all the positive vibes my way, I am feeling some type of way about all these transitions hitting us. It’s almost as if I want to freeze time, but then when I really reflect that, I realize I dont really want that. Watching our babes grow and achieve things is oh so rewarding. Learning as we go, but for now, i am enjoying my walker, stumbling everywhere and sliding off my hip like a little worm. These are the days, the ‘good ol days’ I’ll talk about some day.

Kerena Ives : Transitions are Hard : Toddler