The Secret to PERFECT (crockpot) Pot Roast


When I was a kid and pot roast was for dinner, you might as well consider calling a swat team for the standoff and negotiation that is about to go down. I was not a fan.

Now, I am 41 and I smirk every time I add a roast to the my cart.

I made our first pot roast of the fall/winter season last week when a cold front blew in and the temperatures dipped down to 70, LOL. {If you are a new to South Texas, that’s COLD and means it’s time to bust out the crockpots and uggs. I don’t make the rules. It just is what it is.}

ANYWAY, so when I was growing up, pot roast was not my favorite because it was not that delicious. Sorry mom.

Secret to Perfect Pot Roast : Image shows a pot roast and veggies in a silver crock pot.That said, I feel like I got the secret down to a good pot roast, and the “secret” that my mama didn’t do, because she didn’t have google. Another difference between how I make pot roast and my mama made it is that we didn’t make it in the crockpot when I was a kid. She used a roasting pan in oven and WE LEFT THE FREAKING HOUSE! Bless.

Okay, so are you ready for the secret to perfect pot roast? It’s so simple.

Here it goes…


Seriously! That’s it!

I am not an expert, but according to google and my husband, that was the missing secret technique for a perfect pot roast in the crockpot: a nice sear on all sides.

Image of an uncooked roast, seasoned with coarse kosher salt and coarse black pepper.

It’s super simple to sear your pot roast. I use a seasoned cast iron skillet, over a super hot flame. I coat my roast in kosher salt and coarse black pepper and get to sizzling.

Image of a seasoned pot roast being seared in a hot cast iron skillet.


Don’t forget to sear the sides too! You’re goal is to have a nice, even, brown crust all the way around the entire roast to lock in the flavor and keep it moist and delicious!

Image of seared pot roast being held with lime green tongs.

Once all the sides are seared, I toss that into crockpot with a packet of italian seasoning or a lipton onion soup packet, add one box of bone broth, plus a couple of onions and carrots. I like big chunks of veggies, but you can chop/slice to your preference.

Image shows a seared pot roast inside of a crockpot. You see a woman's hand holding a box of beef bone broth and a packet of Italian dressing seasoning.

Pop the lid on the crockpot, crank it to high, and let it do it’s magic for 4 hours. The pot roast will be perfectly cooked and soooooo delicious! Last time we served the pot roast with scalloped potatoes, my husband’s favorite.

What is your favorite side for pot roast? Also, do you use the “sear” technique before you pop your pot roast into the crockpot? Let me know in the comments!

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