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Avocados are one of my all-time favorite foods. But they’re finicky. Wait just a hair too long for them to ripen, and they go from hard as a rock to gross mush in a heartbeat. That’s why I have started freezing my avocados, putting them on ice at the height of perfection.

Freeze avocado : Coastal Bend Mom

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Here’s what you do:

Cut open and deseed ripe avocados. Place flesh on a plate. Hello, gorgeous 🙂 

Mash them to desired consistency. I like mine a little chunky. Season with salt and garlic powder. I would not add guacamole seasonings like tomato, onion or cilantro now – add those in when the avocado is thawed. Drizzle with lemon juice to prevent browning, and mix it all together again.

Seasoned avocado

Add to an ice cube container or a handy silicone mold. The mold I use has nine portions, each portion is one ounce. This will hold 4-5 large avocados. 

Avocado in freezer mold

Cover and place in the freezer. You can leave them in there for up to a month.

Avocado in the freezer

When you are ready to eat, take out as many frozen avocado portions as you want. Defrost on the counter for an hour or so, or you can microwave for ten second bursts on the lowest power setting. 

Voila! Delicious avocado at your finger tips any time, for all your fave dishes. Enjoy!


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