Erin grew up in West Texas and met her husband there in college. She and J. have been married for 24 years and have lived all over Texas and the Caribbean. She settled in Corpus about 6 years ago and loves being close to the beach once again. Erin’s son arrived when she was 39, so she’s a late-comer to the mommy party! Erin has been writing in some form for most of her professional career, including for TV news, press releases and commercials. She joined CCMB to learn more about blogging. She also contributes videos of CCMB events. Likes: Weezer, avocados, nerd humor, reading, cooking, eating and wine. Dislikes: people who drive slow in the fast lane and being late.

National Sunscreen Day – Protecting your family’s skin

National Sunscreen Day falls every year on the Friday before Memorial Day. The National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention calls it "Don't Fry Day", which is another way to say, use sunscreen and other...

My Rocking Chair – MICROBLOG

My husband recently asked me if I would consider getting rid of my rocking chair, as our home is getting a bit cramped with stuff.  No. No way. Not gonna happen. That rocking chair was a...

Shark Teeth: This wasn’t in the baby book!

Shark Teeth. No, it's not a follow up song to Baby Shark.  Here's the scoop: My five-year-old was eating breakfast one morning, when I noticed he was digging in his mouth. I asked him if had...
Avocados on plate

Freeze avocado for yummy deliciousness any time!

Avocados are one of my all-time favorite foods. But they're finicky. Wait just a hair too long for them to ripen, and they go from hard as a rock to gross mush in a...

We Love the Coastal Bend : Series || The Texas State Aquarium

We are in the midst of celebrating our beloved Coastal Bend! We might be under a stay-at-home order right now, but we are all dreaming and planning of the days that we can get...

Dog digging is so annoying! Try this to make it stop.

One of the most annoying things a dog does is digging. We love our fur babies but, like our human children, but they can drive us crazy.  Why does Fido insist on tearing up our grass,...

Youth Suicide and The Colten Promise

Youth suicide rates have risen dramatically in the last decade. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that suicide is the second leading cause of death for people between the...

My kid doesn’t like my friend’s kid

My son had a friend over to play last weekend. The friend's mom - we will call her F - came over also. As we were talking, F mentioned another friend of hers, Z,...
Life lessons kids should know : Corpus Christi : Coastal Bend Moms

10 Life Lessons Kids Should Know

Homeschooling? Include some Life Lessons! As we navigate the do's and dont's of homeschooling, now it a great time to teach your kids some life lessons. What are life lessons? Things they can learn now...
Plan your staycation activities

Staycation instead of vacation? Fun close to home needs planning, too!

So you've decided on a staycation instead of a vacation. Before you get into full-on stay-cay mode, consider this: you still need to plan. Plan Activities By winging it on your staycation, rather than having some...