No Mess Garage Door Makeover


I’m not ashamed to admit that TikTok made me do it. 

With the help of my best digital friend (Amazon) – I transformed my boring aluminum garage door into a fabulous looking home accessory. 

And I did it without using paint, drill, hammer, or any type of tools. 

No Mess Garage Door Makeover

This amazingly cheap garage door makeover only cost me $47 and 2 shipping days. Because face it, I’m a fool for Prime – especially when I’m laughing at TikTok late at night. 

So, here’s the deal. I went to my Amazon account and searched “garage magnet decorations”. I picked out two kits: one with rectangles to make faux “windows” and one with faux hinges and handles. Be mindful of the type of garage door(s) you have. I have a double car garage. Some of you might have single doors or a combination of both.

boring garage


Open the packages and then you just apply the magnets where you want them and VOILA! 

No Mess Garage Door Makeover

Warning: my door was really really dirty/dusty and some of the magnets fell off overnight. So I removed them all, washed the garage door, and reapplied. 

No Mess Garage Door Makeover

Easy peasy transformation! 

This was the best No mess garage door makeover!

boring garage

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