Microblog: To the Mom Protecting Her Babies From This World


I see you.

I see you reading news headlines through tear-filled eyes. What’s next, for this world, this country, this community? What does this mean for your children and their future? You’re anxious, afraid, and angry. And most of all, you’re wondering how you can possibly protect your babies in a world like this.

But, you take a deep breath, eat that spoonful of leftover frosting, and then put on those sparkly blue butterfly wings and give those babies all of your love. I see you.

One day, unfortunately, they know the pain and heartache of the world. But it doesn’t need to be today. Today, they need to know your love and protection. Today, they need to know that you will do everything you can to keep them safe.

We carry the burden so our babies don’t have to. We put a smile on our face through the fear and uncertainty so so our babies feel protected. We build a bubble of love, hope, and happiness and we smile and tickle and hug and kiss because it’s all we can do. And maybe we hug those babies just a bit tighter.

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