10 Books to Read, Celebrate Read a Book Day!


10 Fun Books to Read

And Celebrate,  Read a Book Day

A few months ago I compiled a list of 10 of my ALL time favorite books. And In honor of National Read a Book Day I am excited to share 10 more books I have recently read! If you can’t tell I love reading, and I love discussing what I’ve read! We would love to hear what you’ve been reading too!

10 Books to read: coastal bend moms

1. Stealing Home: Sherryl Woods

I really enjoyed the new Netflix series called Sweet Magnolias and when I heard they were based off of a book series I immediately knew I needed to check them out. These sweet books are just as cheesey and romantic as the show, and I loved learning more about my favorite characters in depth. Stealing Home is the first in the series. They are a perfect light read for read a book day!

2. Always and Forever, Lara Jean

I have loved every book in this trilogy and this one was no exception. I am truly team Peter and was anxious to see if Peter and Lara Jean stay together as they embark on their post high school adventures. Sometimes it’s nice to follow the woes of a high school relationship before life gets truly “hard”.

3. Untamed: Glennon Doyle

This is probably one of the most thought provoking books I have ever read, and it expanded my view point on many modern topics. I was scared to read it at first, but instead walked away with a more enlightened and uplifted point of view. I read so many passages from this book to my husband he probably feels like he read it too. I loved many of her thoughts on womanhood, feminism, parenting, and marriage. As with most memoirs the author shares pieces of their heart, and you may resonate with their heart and you may not. And this is ok. But it was good for me to a broader perspective. This is not a light read, but it was good for me.

read a book day: coastal bend mom

4. Such a Fun Age: Kiley Reid

This book explores many social issues that exist in the world today regarding wealth, race, and privilege. It introduced many concepts to me that I had never thought about. It didn’t take long for me to read this one, and when I finished I had many questions regarding how I would feel if presented with similar situations. Emira is the baby sitter for the wealthy Alix Chamberlain and together they uncover many secrets and confusions in the world today. A quick read for read a book day!

5. The Perfect Couple: Elin Hilderbrand

I occasionally love a new book from Elin Hilderbrand and often find myself gravitating toward them during the summer months when I need something light and fun. This one had all the qualities I love of Elin mixed with a little murder mystery. It of course takes place on the quaint Nantucket. It had just enough suspense to keep it interesting.

6. A Curse So Dark and Lonely: Brigid Kemmerer

This is a beautiful and unique retelling of the classic “Beauty and The Beast”. I couldn’t put it down and loved how the author brought to life this classic story with a modern twist. The author introduced the main character with cerebal palsy which was a beautiful touch. I found myself cheering for both the heroine and the Beast as they conquer evil once and for all.

7. The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek: Kim Michelle Richardson

I loved The Book Woman! It is a story based on the Pack Horse  librarians in rural Kentucky but also highlights a group of people long forgotten called the “blue skinned people”.  Their skin is a shade of blue unlike anything else and they have been socially outcast for generations. (True Fact). Cussy (the main character) has to overcome many challenges in order to ultimately claim safety, and a true place called “home”.

10 Books to read: coastal bend moms

8. Landline: Rainbow Rowell

I could never compile a list and not include a Rainbow Rowell book. Just like her others I loved this one. Georgie discovers that she is able to “call” back in time using an old landline at her parents house. These phone calls become a pivotal tool in re-discovering the life she has always envisioned for herself and the motivation to fight for her husband and her family before it’s too late. Add this to your read a book day list!

9. Caraval: Stephanie Garber

For all my fantasy lover friends I loved this one. Just enough magic but not “too far” out there. Two sisters embark on the adventure of a life time as they become integral parts of the famous game of Caraval. They must overcome many obstacles and even death to be reunited. They find love, friendship and freedom from their oppressive father. The best part is that there are two more after this which I am also loving. Fantasy is perfect for read a book day.

10. Dear Mr. Knightley: Katherine Reay

It would be safe to say we’ve all escaped reality a time or two with in the pages of a good book. But what if the characters of those books became so real you couldn’t separate reality from fiction. Sam a foster child who has aged out the system must discover who she really is and the type of relationships that are “real”. She wins a prestigious scholarship and begins writing anonymously to the scholarships benefactor. Who pens his name as “Mr. Knightley”. He becomes a trusted confidant, until the truth comes out and Sam doesn’t know who to trust any more. I loved the cute read and all the references to some of our Austen favorites.


So what will you  curl up and read to celebrate Read a Book Day?

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