10 Books to Read This Summer


10 Books To read This Summer

Summer time is a fun time to pick up a new book to read. Whether you’re relaxing at the pool side, or staying up a tad later (because schedules are more relaxed) it’s a great time to tackle a summer reading list. My favorites range in genres. Sometimes I love sappy romance, sometimes I like historical fiction, and I even love an occasional self help. It just depends on what is happening in my life at the time. So with out further ado here is a list of my “current” top 10 books! (I should add, these are not ranked in any order)

10 Books you should read this summer

1. Next Year In Havana: Chanel Cleeton

Before reading this book I am ashamed to admit I really knew little about the conflicts in Cuba. This is one of those stories that bounces back and forth between modern day and past history. Marisol (our heroine) travels to Cuba to learn more about her families history, and unearths secret history and traditions she never knew existed. After reading this book I googled every Cuban recipe I could find and was even more intrigued with this culture I knew so little about. It is a perfect book to read this summer.

2. The Alice Network: Kate Quin

This is one of those classic historical novels that keeps you spinning from the first page to the last page. I spent the entire time reading with my heart racing, and trying to solve all the pieces before the characters did. I have read many WWII books, but very few from WWI and this alone kept me on my toes. There are two heroines in this story and you will fall in love with them both. Charlie St. Claire’s story takes place in the aftermath of World War Two, as she tries to discover what happened to her cousin in Nazi Invaded France. She meets Eve who helps her unearth years worth of secrets. And through many ups and downs they become family.

3. Beartown: Fredrick Backman

Fredrick Backman has an incredible way of taking deep social issues, weaving them in to stories and making you really question what you think and what you believe. Beartown takes place in a small town in Sweden that revolves around hockey. And not only the hockey, but the polictics that skate around with in a small town. This book will make you question deep issues that revolve around which side you stand on and who you believe in. And in the end you may decide to actually sympathize with the “bad guy”.

4. Small Great Things: Jodi Picoult

This will be one of the most important books you will ever read. I repeat that. And stand by it. Jodi has a way of enveloping you in the story. Wrapping the words around your heart and changing you from the inside out. Every single one of her books has changed me, and this one was life changing. In Small Great Things Jodi tackles pressing issues of our time, race, prejudice, and justice. And in typical Jodi fashion no answers are received until the very end.

5. The Ballad of Song Birds and Snakes: Suzanne Collins

This book is a brand new release from our favorite Suzanne Collins! I listened to it while on a recent road trip and I couldn’t stop. I was completely caught up in this intriguing prequel to the iconic Hunger Games Series. This book answers many questions and leaves a lot up for debate. I am completely re obsessed with the beloved Katniss and Peeta and want to re-read one of my favorite series of all times.

6. Be the Mom: Tracy Eyster

This little book came in to my life right when I needed it. It is my FAVORITE parenting book and just the boost any mom needs. Tracy outlines 7 “traps” that moms fall in to and how we can get out of them. I recognized myself in each of these traps and I felt enlightened as I learned how to move past them and be the best mother I can be.

7. Little Fires Everywhere: Celeste Ng

I love the writing of Celeste Ng. She has a really unique way of story telling. And you really come to know each characters thoughts extremely personally. Each character tells their own story and they are all woven together which is extremely fascinating. Ultimately this story is about relationships, and especially about mother daughter relationships. And how little “fires” can set off big “explosions”. And when you’re done reading you can watch the mini series on Hulu, they do a phenomenal job.

8. Where the Crawdads Sing: Delia Owens

Having lived near the swamps and the bayou of the Louisiana I loved this swampy tale that takes place in the deep south. This isn’t your typical coming of age story. It’s a story about rumors, stereotypes, coming of age, and murder. You will also see how ultimately kindness wins, and it raises questions in how children slip through the cracks. You will also find yourself rooting for Kya and amazed at her strength, perseverance and tenacity. She will surprise you over and over again.

9. Fan Girl: Rainbow Rowell

This is a light and airy read. And a perfect choice for a book to read this summer. I love Rainbow Rowell and gravitate towards her books (I also loved Attachments) when I need a pick me up and a happy ending. This story alternates between reality and fan fiction and is an exciting coming of age story mixed with a little romance, friendships, and family bonding. I loved listening to this one on audio, and planned a mini road trip just so I could finish listening to this book on audio (I’m not lying).

10. Me Before You: Jo Jo Moyes

Do not read this book with out tissues. I absolutely adore the book’s heroine Louisa Clark. Louisa takes a job caring for a paralyzed young man who has a difficult outlook on life. She sets out to prove to him that life is worth living, and they develop a very deep relationship. In the end it is a story about true love, and what we are willing to do, and boundaries we push for those we love most. I think love stories are the perfect book to read this summer. ( I also loved Giver of Stars by Jo Jo Moyes).

10 Books you should read this summer

What books are you going to read this summer? If you are ever stumped on what to read next, I love consulting Reese’s Book Club! 


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