National College Colors Day – September 4th 


WHITE!     RED!      PURPLE!     YELLOW!     MAROON!     BLACK!

College Colors Day | Coastal Bend Mom Collective



The crowd screams back and forth across the massive stadium.

This is one of many football chants at my alma mater at the University of Florida!

No matter where you went to college or what your team colors are — it is a visible symbol of school spirit.  In honor of National College Colors Day – September 4th – Let’s take a little stroll through some of the iconic TEXAS college colors.

For me — orange and blue is a symbol of pride for my school and our sports programs – the UF Gators. I turned the iconic orange and blue into numerous fashion statements and design elements.  Since I have lived in Texas most of my adult life after graduation from UF – I have been doing my best to introduce my love of orange and blue to as many people as possible.  When I was a school teacher – I decorated my classroom with all things orange and blue.  I may have even bribed students with extra credit for wearing UF orange and blue clothes on college shirt days.

Since I do live in Texas — one can not live here long without noticing the fashion statements of several colleges and their unique color blends.  My first experience was at a UF vs. Texas A&M football tailgate/game in 2012.  The game was at College Station and I saw so many painted overalls and cute dresses with TAMU cowboy boots.  I was a little jealous of the over-the-top football game attire – since when I was in college (1989-1994) we just wore shorts and t-shirts.

No matter where you went to school — and no matter the sports score board  — wear your colors with pride ALL year long.