Our Witchy Cafe: A fun new Halloween Tradition!


Basically I love family traditions and creating memories with my kids and we love Halloween at our house! . Last year we started a new Halloween tradition at our house and it was such a hit my daughter is already talking about our Witchy Café for this year. One thing you must know about me is I am NOT “Pinterest perfect”, and I am not complicated. I am just me, and that is exactly how our café rolled forth, simple and uncomplicated.

The Menu:


Witches Brew: We did this with Sugar Free lemonade (for my little Type One Diabetic) and green food coloring. I added plastic spiders to the ice cubes and suddenly it was a convincing spooky drink!

Recipe: Corpus Christi Mom's blog : Witches Brew

Ogre Coco: Chocolate Milk Option

Swamp Water: Regular Ice water with spider ice cubes


Swamp Salad: We just did a normal garden salad here. Nothing fancy

Halloween Traditions: Corpus Christi Mom's blog : Skelton Bones Recipe

Skeleton bones: Bread sticks (you could buy these to make it even easier!) I made homemade breadsticks and rolled them out crooked and kind of lumpy. They looked just like creepy bones.

Main Dish:

Ogre Brains with eye balls: Plain spaghetti noodles. I drizzled with some olive oil to make them a little slippery. I did meatballs with red sauce and added two tiny candy eye balls to each meat ball on the plate. My daughter still talks about this, it was her favorite part!

Recipe : Ogre Brains and Eyeballs


Graveyard pie: Sugar Free Chocolate pudding with crushed Oreos on top

Halloween : Corpus Christi Mom's blog : Graveyard Pie

Add an element of surprise by setting up the “spooky” dinner table with out them knowing- and wear a witches hat while you serve them. My kids thought that was so funny! I got my orange table cloth from Dollar Tree as well as the spiders and used cute plates from Hobby Lobby! The kids and hubby ordered off of the printed menus like a real restaurant. It didn’t take long to throw together and yet it was such a big hit! Let us know if you decide to do a Witch Cafe this year and tag us in your posts!

Do you have a fun halloween tradition? Share in the comments – we love finding new and fun things to do to celebrate the season!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween : Corpus Christi Mom's blog

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