DIY Photo Canvas : Let’s finally USE those school pictures!


I love DIY crafts and finding ways to save money, while switching up my decor often! Follow this tutorial to make a DIY Photo Canvas with your family photos!

When my son first started Pre-K I always bought the biggest photo package and wanted all the things. Years later he is now in third grade and I have yet to give half of those Pre-K photos away. I also didn’t think through hanging 26 8×10 photos on the wall, as my daughter is now in first grade. First of all that’s alot of glass on the wall, secondly with Holiday and Spring Pictures in addition to yearbook photos, that is alot of wall space.

Today I have a fun way to display those school, holiday and family photos and change them out seasonally with out poking your walls full of holes!

I got these super cute iron scroll plate holders and have hung them in our living room, they fit perfectly by the fireplace on a narrow strip of wall, and match a few other iron pieces I have through out the room. Mine came from Hobby Lobby, but you can check out your local thrift store or Amazon for great deals on these as not many people utilize plate racks anymore.


  • stretched canvas (I use 8 x 10’s for my plate racks)
  • mod podge (Glossy or Matte, I prefer matte so it looks like a printed canvas)
  • craft paint ( I prefer to use neutral colors that match my decor )
  • foam brushes
  • scissors
  • assorted pictures to fit the sizes of your canvas
  • Optional : canvas sheet for pressing less expensive if they get damaged


1.First step measure your photo atop your canvas, if you want more paint to show and you have room to spare trim your photo down to desired size.

2. Use foam brush to cover canvas  with mod podge and place your photo face up on top of the canvas.

DIY canvas materials
DIY canvas step 1

3. Use another canvas or a canvas sheet to press the photo down without leaving fingerprints.  Remove second canvas and allow to dry.

4. Brush another thin layer of mod podge on top of photo. This is a great step to involve the kids! My daughter loves to help me with my projects!

canvas set 2

5. Use second canvas again to press on top of mod podge layer quickly to give photo a textured appearance.  See the image below for the canvas like texture. Allow to dry.

canvas step 3
canvas step 3 close up


6. Use another foam brush to add a thin layer of craft paint around the edges of canvas slightly overlapping your photo to hide any spots the canvas is showing. Allow paint to dry and apply a second coat if needed. 

canvas step 4

Admire your handiwork! See images below my original canvas set on the left is from my daughter’s first birthday! Same little helper from my earlier picture. As you can see this method stands the test of time!


original canvas
finished canvas

You can use this method on a variety of different canvas sizes and surfaces for this DIY Photo Canvas project. I have done it on wood and tile, I am sure you could do glass and plastic as well although I have not personally. They make a great activity for kids to help if you’d like, and they also make great gifts for friends and family! I have also cut up greeting cards or gift bags that I love the photo or quotes, they make great decor for kids rooms on a budget.

Most of the materials you can pick up at your local Dollar tree, Hobby Lobby, or there is always Amazon

Of course use caution in cases where photos are irreplaceable. 

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