Why I am doing a Dry January


Dry January

The year 2020 is coming to a close – thank goodness. I’m not a huge New Year’s resolution person, but I feel now is definitely the right time to make some changes, hit the re-set button and get back on track to better mental and physical health. That’s why I’m doing a Dry January.

What is Dry January?

If you don’t know, Dry January is taking the month of January to abstain from drinking alcohol. That means 31 days of sobriety. It’s a time to get rid of the bad stuff – and let’s admit it, alcohol is not great for the body – and give your mind and physique a break.

Why complete a Dry January?

Drinking alcohol can lead to poor dietary choices, overeating, anxiety, poor sleep and depression. In the year of COVID, I have experienced all of these things and then some. I want to take a break from drinking due to quarantine, stress, sadness and boredom. Looking to the future past January, I want to moderately drink in celebration and happiness, whenever those occasions arise. I am looking forward to feeling better, thinking more clearly and focusing on my health.

Preparing for Dry January  

Getting in the right frame of mind is key. Think of it like this Mama: you grew a whole human in your body and didn’t drink alcohol for nine months. You can do 31 days.

What about social situations? Prepare your mind to order water with fruit, sparkling water, soft drinks, juice, Topo Chico or an alcohol-free craft cocktail. Bring your own drinks to a function if needed. Will people ask why? Probably. If you don’t want to give too many details, just say you are watching your weight or doing a cleanse or any other reason you think will fly. If people pressure you to drink, perhaps they are best avoided and not just during Dry January.

Have a plan for down time. If drinking is usually paired with sitting on the couch and vegging out in front of the TV, pick up a book instead. It’s not as easy to hold a drink while turning pages. Go for a walk, take a drive, do a puzzle, clean – ugh, I know – or call a friend.

I will be pairing my Dry January with a Whole30 eating schedule, as the Whole30 plan automatically excludes alcohol. But, if changing your diet and drinking habits feels like too much at once, just focus on the Dry January. Hopefully, you will find more energy and better food choices are a natural result of being alcohol free.

If you go for it, good luck on your Dry January journey! Wishing you health and happiness in the New Year!

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