Things I learned on TikTok


Dancing, Lip Syncing, Jokes — OH MY!

As with millions of other humans – I turned to TikTok for entertainment during 2020 (the year of the Pandemic).

Things I learned on TikTokI started with an account to “spy” on my teenage daughter – but it quickly turned into something fun.  (Disclaimer – it can cause you to waste a lot of time scrolling through videos.)

While it can be addicting — I use it for pure entertainment.  The algorithm quickly recognizes what I like and what I see.  So my FYP (for you page) – is filled with military surprise homecomings, sweet proposals, family jokes, DYI home improvements, life hacks and lots and lots of moms.  Which means, since I do not interact with teenagers or drama-type people — I simply do not see it.

As we wrap up this year — I am sharing with you the top 10 things I learned on TikTok.

  1. Folding a cereal cox – to help prevent stale cereal. 
  2. Costco brand leggings ($20) are the same as LuLu Lemon leggings (apparently they are made at the same place just a different price tag).
  3. Use tinfoil in the sink drain to capture bacon grease – after it solidifies, simply throw it all out without clogging up your pipes.
  4. Several things I didn’t know I needed off Amazon. (my personal favorite is the candle lighter where it doesn’t blacken the insides of the candle). 
  5. Garage door easy upgrade (stay tuned for a whole blog post on this one in January).
  6. Christmas tree cookie decorations with 3-D effect. 
  7. Digitally sign a document (with a signature) on my iphone without printing.  (screenshot, plus sign, signature, BOOM).
  8. Post a trending video can get you crazy amounts of views/likes.
  9. I can not dance or lip-sync. 
  10. There is a great group of mom empowerment ladies on TikTok – supporting each other through social media.  And I am here for all of it. 

I realize that TikTok isn’t for everyone – but I promise you — if you have the “time” and you want to laugh — it really is a pretty awesome app for adults.