Simple DIY Gifts


Christmas is about giving, but yet there is so much stress associated with everything surrounding gift giving. 

    What do I buy?

    Will this gift be the same caliber as last years?

    Will it be better than the other gifts they received?

    How much will it cost?

    If they get me a gift do I need to get them a gift?

The true meaning of giving a gift is showing someone that you care and were thinking of them, it truly is “the thought that counts.” So this year go simple, give a gift from the heart and from the hands. Below are several simple DIY gifts your can do yourself and also are great craft ideas to do with kiddos. 

Tile Photo Coasters – Although a lot of sites use Mod Podge to coat the pictures above the tiles, this website uses Resin and its really a much cleaner smoother look and the price difference isn’t too much. 

Hand & Foot Print Ornaments – This is great if you have younger kids and make a great gift for grandparents! My mother is a potter so we used her “fancy” clay to complete this project but it can be done with kit like this one on Amazon or you can also get basic air dry clay at any craft store. 

Cookie Baking Kit – If you aren’t really into crafting but you need a quick simple gift this is your go to! Grab a cute oven mit, a bag mix of cookie or brownie milk and add a whisk or spatula. Stuff it all into the oven mit and smack a bow on it and you are DONE! All of these items can be purchased at the dollar tree or you can upscale and grab some cute mits and stirring things at TJ Maxx or Ross. These also make great party game prizes. This is a great gift to have a few of stashed in your car in case of that sweet person that gave you an unexpected gift so you can return the favor!

A Giving Plate – This idea is probably my favorite. We all have parties this time of year and usually we bring some form of treat or appetizer. This year take those store bought cookies out of the wrapping.  Put those treats on a plate that keeps on giving. This is a perfect DIY, but there are also several variations on Amazon. I personally think it’s too cheap to not DIY.

LEGO Activity Tray – This has been on my DIY list for ages!! If you aren’t a builder this is a great DIY and makes a super cute gift if you add a box of legos with it and maybe a bag to make it a traveling lego kit! There are so many variations on Pinterest if you have some scrap wood and some wood glue too!

Don’t stress try one of these Simple DIY gifts for your holiday gift exchange and just enjoy the time together!


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Madison O
Madison is a Texas A&M Graduate who is beginning her 6th year as a Technical Theatre teacher and 3rd year at Gregory-Portland High School. She and her wife moved to the coastal bend to be closer to family as they began the fertility process to grow their family. Madison and her wife were thrilled to welcome their daughter, Amelia, to the family in May via Reciprocal IVF. Madison has also begun working toward her Masters degree in Educational Administration at TAMUCC (gotta keep it in the Aggie family!) Talk about one busy mama! Madison enjoys time outside and has always loved to write for her own personal blog in her free time. She is so excited to start this new adventure of motherhood and to be joining the wonderful community of Corpus Christi Moms on the blog!