Madison O'Brien

Madison is a Texas A&M Graduate who is beginning her 6th year as a Technical Theatre teacher and 3rd year at Gregory-Portland High School. She and her wife moved to the coastal bend to be closer to family as they began the fertility process to grow their family. Madison and her wife were thrilled to welcome their daughter, Amelia, to the family in May via Reciprocal IVF. Madison has also begun working toward her Masters degree in Educational Administration at TAMUCC (gotta keep it in the Aggie family!) Talk about one busy mama! Madison enjoys time outside and has always loved to write for her own personal blog in her free time. She is so excited to start this new adventure of motherhood and to be joining the wonderful community of Corpus Christi Moms on the blog!
Playdough Prompts

Play Dough Prompts for Rainy (or Cold!) Days

As a teacher I am always looking for ways to move away from memorization and assessment and dive into student's creativity and artistic side. So each day I do a warm-up that requires students...

Experiences over Gifts

With the holiday's around the corner the time has come to work on my daughter's Christmas List. (She's two years old so the task falls to me.) This year's Christmas List is going to...

Composting (with a Toddler)

Making your house more sustainable and organic is all the rage right now, but what no one tells you is that it can also provide great educational activities for your toddler. I am always...

Baby Led Weaning: How I Went Wrong

Amelia is now 28 months (she’s two) and pretty much survives on chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and fries. She will eat any fruit and loves tomatoes, cucumbers, and avocados. There is no exploration...

Acceptance > Allyship

Acceptance and Allyship are two different things, some people aren’t ready to be an Ally and it is not as simple as being an upstander or a bystander. So what is the difference and...
Introducing Madison - Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Meet the Team: Madison

Coastal Bend I made my way to Corpus Christi in 2014 for my first job as a teacher.  After one year I  moved back to Houston to be with my then fiance. After two...

Splitting the Chores with Your Partner

Often it is assumed that partners are splitting the chores in the household 50/50. I disagree. As a two-female household people are often curious who does the ‘womens’ chores (aka dishes and laundry)...

Mama, this doesn’t have to be YOUR normal.

I am tired all the time.  My sleep is restless.  I wake up and I’m already ready for a nap.  No amount of sleep is enough sleep.  All of these are phrases I used to describe how I...

Worth It Wednesday: At Home Manicure

This mama loves to have her nails done, but hates to spend the money and the 2 hours it takes to travel to the nail salon, get your nails done, go to target (I...

Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Last year Emily shared with us how to Fill Your Kids Love Tank. One of her suggestions was Valentine’s Day Breakfast. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year it makes it a...