Christine Hood

Christine Hood
Christine, a native New Yorker, moved to Calallen in 2017 after her husband Chris retired from the Army. When Chris whisked her away from Virginia Beach 12 years ago, he promised he would take her back to the beach when he retired “in just a few years”. After more than 10 years, he finally decided to call it quits. They chose Corpus for the beach, beautiful sunshine and almost year round beautiful weather. They have a 19 year old daughter named Taylor who graduated from Calallen High School and played on the Varsity Soccer Team and an 8 year old son, named CJ who is headed for the 3rd grade at East Elementary and is a Green Belt in Tae Kwon Do.
Fermin's Mexican Resturant

Fermin’s Mexican Restaurant & Bar in Robstown

    The city of Corpus Christi has tons and tons of restaurants on every other street. For those of us in the outskirts, the last thing we want to do is drive “alllll the...
Hair Show Model

Hair Show Model Experience: Thumbs Up!

This month I was given the awesome opportunity to be a hair model for my favorite line, Deva Curl.  I have one thing to tell you.  If you ever have the opportunity to be...
Pasta Fagioli : Recipe : Coastal Bend Moms

Satisfying My Craving Without Shopping: Pasta Fagioli

Today was one of those days…a battle between a craving for one of my favorite soups and the laziness in me that didn’t want to leave the house and go get the ingredients.  Actually,...
Pokemon : Coastal Bend Mom Collective

That’s so 1996 or 2016…or wait, is it 2019? | Pokemon is back!

 I was in my mid-20's when Pokemon came out so I really don’t remember much beyond the cards. I never paid much attention so I don’t remember when the craze died down, but...
fortnight __ Video Games __ Minecraft __ Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Making a Case for Fortnite

It took about a year of begging, but it seems it's only been a fortnite since we caved.  We had done some checking and were just really uncomfortable with so much about the popular game,...
Boys Eat A Lot __ Featured Image __ Corpus Christi Moms Blog

This kid is eating me out of house and home!

YOU GUYS: This kid is eating me out of house and home! Today it was four hot dogs with chips just an hour after eating a bowl of noodles and 2 hours after eating pancakes...
Profile | Christine Hood | Corpus Christi Moms Blog

Meet the Contributors: Introducing Christine

  Corpus Christi Hi there Coastal Bend Friends! I am beyond excited for the opportunity that I have been given with CCMB. I’m originally from a small town in New York called Dobbs Ferry. Almost 20...