Hair Show Model Experience: Thumbs Up!


This month I was given the awesome opportunity to be a hair model for my favorite line, Deva Curl.  I have one thing to tell you.  If you ever have the opportunity to be a hair model, DO IT!  I had the most amazing experience, I got an awesome hair cut and free product as a thank you for getting the awesome hair cut!  

I applied on the website, and I’m sure it would be the same for any brand.  If you can’t find a link on the website of your choice, email and I’m sure they will direct you.  Several times per year there are hair shows throughout the country and at least 4 in Texas alone.  Many companies also do smaller trainings at salons and other venues and are always on the lookout for new heads to use for demos.  The application required me to submit some information about myself as well as pictures of my hair.  A couple of weeks prior to the event, I was received an email letting me know that I was chosen and giving me the run down.  I was beyond excited to receive that email!  

It was pretty simple.  I had to pay my own way but received free admission to the show.  Being a cosmetology student, I already had a ticket and could access the show but if you are not a licensed stylist or a student, the added perk to being a model at these shows is being able to attend and purchase without a license.  Definitely bring your wallet because you won’t want to miss the salon only prices!  

When I signed up, I was a little worried that they would do something to my hair that I would hate but they asked me lots of questions about what I wanted and they stayed true to our conversation.  It was a little awkward sitting there in front of so many people but it was a small price to pay for a cut that would have cost me a lot of money for absolutely nothing.  When I left, I was given a sheet of paper which listed the products that were used on my hair as well as a nice bag of free product.  

I’m thrilled with my new do!  What do you think?