Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Baby

    1. Holiday Themed Books

    If you’re looking for a family tradition to start on Baby’s First Christmas, look no further! You cannot go wrong with reading an absolute classic like “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” or “The Night Before Christmas” on Christmas Eve. Add an extra layer of magic by getting it personalized. You can even purchase a unique Christmas story completely personalized to your little to share every Christmas Eve.

    1. Holiday Themed Pajamas/T-Shirts

    Nothing brings the warm fuzzies quite like watching Christmas movies with your little while in pajamas and snuggled up on the couch. There are tons of options at several different stores, and some are even offering MATCHING family pajamas. Target and Carter’s are two of my faves!


    You can never go wrong with a fuzzy friend for cold weather cuddling! Build-A-Bear has a ton of holiday themed bears, and currently has a coupon for $8 off.

    4. Baby’s First Christmas Tree

    If your little one is standing and grabbing all the things, give them something to grab! This tree allows your little to build fine motors skills through the put-and-take play style.

    1. Stocking Stuffers

    Stocking stuffers for babies aren’t as difficult as you may think! Here are some easy ideas, that you’ll absolutely use: bath toys, baby food, teethers, pacifiers, socks, cold weather accessories, sippy cups, bibs

    1. Puzzles

    Puzzles are great for little hands yearning to be interactive. They are great for sensory stimulation and exploration.

    Here are some options from Amazon

    1. Push Car

    Occasionally we have nice weather here in the Coastal Bend. If you want to take advantage of that and let your little out of his/her stroller for a more fun experience, get a push car! Target has some classic looks, and even a very cool sports car! Prices range from $35 to about $80.

    1. Baby’s First Chair

    These little chairs can be used for a long time. You can find them personalized (Pottery Barn Kids) or themed from JC Penney, and of course, Amazon. They can be used for lounging or  reading time.

    1. Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

    A Christmas ornament can not only be a keepsake, but also a way for Baby to feel included in the Christmas decorating for years to come! There are several choices, whether you want to go personalized, traditional, wooden, or glass.

    1. Tech

    Babies love lights, sounds, and buttons. Sometimes this means they want to chew and drool all over your cell phone, tv remote, and car keys. You can avoid this by getting them their own. V Tech has a phone, remote and that you can find at multiple retailers including Amazon and Target.