March Madness {Being a Busy Mom}


Here’s what happens when a new school year for my “monsters” starts…

I say yes to EVERYTHING. I become THAT busy mom.

Swim team? Check.

Soccer? Check.

Basketball? Volleyball? Flag football? Guitar lessons? Golf lessons? Room mom? Field trip chaperon? Check! Check! Check! Check! Check! CHECK!

March Madness, Dealing with the Busy Factor, Corpus Christi Moms BlogBy the time Spring arrives, I have found myself piled under all sorts of things, in addition to my day job. I’m buried under an excess of kid activities and volunteer gigs – at my busy mom max! And soon, our home life begins to feel our of balance and off keel. I find myself saying no to my kiddos when I should say yes.

It’s as if all my yeses have been used up.

March Madness, Dealing with the Busy Factor, Corpus Christi Moms Blog

To keep our “March Madness” in check, the hubs and I sat down and created lists (I love lists!) of our priorities, as individuals, as a couple, as parents, and as members of our community.

I feel I should start with this warning. Even our best laid plans go haywire and sometimes there is just not a darn thing we can do about it! {Hit me up with your tips for when your busy mom plans go up in smoke?! I’m interested!}

That said, here is my short list of tips for helping us manage the madness:

Do Something for Ourselves For me, that means finding time to run, read often, get a pedicure, or meet a friend for a coffee or a lunch. It helps me feel connected to the world {outside the monsters.}

Keep Date Night We don’t usually go anywhere. We do put away our i-everythings. We do eat something yummy that the kids don’t usually go for. And, we get a chance to watch non-animated television. {N0 offense Disney and Pixar.}

Limit One Activity per Child per Season We don’t put limits on ongoing things like scouting or music lessons.

Family Game Night {Every weekend} This got a lot more fun when we got creative. We started playing darts, pool, and basketball. We even did swim races in addition to the tradition board games we love! Game night is usually accompanied by pizza and make your own sundaes.

One Volunteer Job or Extra Task at a Time. This has not officially stuck, but I’m really really trying! In reality, it is more like one volunteer job per child per activity… but I am really really trying! So, I’m leaving it on the list.

We’re a work in progress.  What do you do to keep the balance as a busy mom?

Originally published March 2016. 


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