4th Quarter Goals


The year 2018 is at the beginning of its end, but it seems busier than ever. Instead of waiting til Jan 1 to tackle that to-do list or resolutions, I’m trying to get ahead of the game (see what I did there 😉  by setting some 4thquarter goals. Please forgive the football puns.

Playing Defense With My Diet

My birthday, anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all coming up. Consequently, I usually gain at least five to seven pounds between October and December. However, this year, I have a new game plan. With the help of a certain weight loss program, whose followers include Oprah and has the initials WW, my goal is not to gain and, dare I say it, lose weight. It won’t be easy. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, my kid is old enough now to come home with a crap load of candy on Halloween and my birthday is my day to eat whatever I like. But instead of turning the last three months of the year into a diet freefall, my goal is to limit myself to just a few indulgences. I’m feeling confident and determined. 


Making The Cut

My garage is becoming a catch all for things that I don’t need or want anymore. I plan to have a garage sale (yuck) or try and sell online (double yuck). Either way, I must suck it up and get rid of the stuff before it overruns my parking space. If you see something I have posted online for sale, please be a serious buyer and don’t waste my whole day saying we can meet to exchange cash and goods. If you come to my garage sale, please bring small bills.





Doing What’s Best For The Organization

  • Desktop so cluttered, I can’t tell what’s on it anymore – check.
  • Websites and Facebooks posts saved for later reading, I don’t even know why I bookmarked some of them – check.
  • So. Many. Photos. Not backed up or saved in any way, subject to loss at any time – check.

The digital madness must stop. It will take until the end of the year, probably working a little every day, but I want to organize my electronic files. This is the task I am dreading the most. Even though I use my computer every single day, it’s often for fleeting moments between child care, work and sleep. Plus the distraction factor is huge, as it’s tempting to try and read all the articles or reminisce over baby photos. Staying focused will be the key for this goal.






Wish me luck. If I get all of these done by the end of the year, it will then be time to get my taxes together so I can file as early as possible. Hahahaha, yeah right!

What are your 4th quarter goals?  

Drop them in the comments below!