33 Resources for Teens during Social Quarantine


    Resources for Teens

    During Social Quarantine


    Entertaining our babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers is tough.

    But also tough: keeping our teenagers feeling connected, inspired, and emotionally stable during this time.

    Teenagers are social beings and, as parents, we know that we are usually the last people they want to spend all of their time with. Navigating social distancing and quarantine is hard. Like, REALLY hard. So hopefully this list of resources will help you navigate this tricky time with your teens. 


    Arts and Music:

    Take free drawing classes from famous illustrators to visit the link here.

    Imagineering in a box brought to you by Walt Disney Imagineering Partners: Khan Academy

    Facebook Live online art classes with the Hansen Art Studio

    Compose Music with Garage Band

    Hours of art tutorials for kids of all ages at Art for Kids Hub


    Physical Activities:

    Nothing wrong with being in your backyard!

    Volley Ball

    Old Fashioned Night Games

    Water Games (depending on where you live right now)

    Jump on Trampoline

    Old Fashioned recess games, like 4 square, kickball, ultimate Frisbee

    Backyard or living room camp out

    Family workout sessions

    Life Skills

    Make new recipes, especially ones you normally don’t have time for, like bread!

    Teach your teens important life skills for when they leave the house (cooking essential recipes, budgeting, yard work, cleaning, laundry, etc. They have much more time right now than normal this would be a good time to have these lessons and discussions)

    Encourage contact with friends via face time, Marco polo, zoom, etc. They could even do homework with friends this way. 

    Write letters to Grandparents or far-away family

    Write letters to teachers at church and school

    Have them help you organize photos

    Set up a homework command center so they can stay on top of their required work

    Science and Math

    Have your own Lego Master Competitions

    Science Mom and Science Dad videos on Youtube

    Real-life skills math, like savings accounts, balancing bank accounts, budgeting, etc. Dave Ramsey has a resource here

    Create an indoor greenhouse

    Spiritual and Personal Development

    Encourage Journaling They may resist but when your life is thrown for a spin journaling is proven to help. Here is a youtube resource to encourage teens to start.

    Meditation and  Yoga (There are several mindful meditation apps available)

    Prayer, reflection, bible study.

    Set personal, physical, spiritual, and educational goals. This is a great time to explore things you don’t normally have the time for.

    Work on Family History. Record your own history or interview members of your family. You could even work on your Family Tree! Visit FamilySearch.org for more resources.

    Mindful Media

    Watching movies and shows is a great way to connect! Choose a topic you want to learn more about or something that goes along with your school work and watch movies as a family that relates to that topic.

    Start a series together. Watch all the Marvel Movies in Chronological order, or all the Star Wars movies. You have the time!

    Read a series together

    Read Read Read. This is a great time to read literature that may not always work into our teen’s academic schedule. Check out your local library’s online resources for available audio and e-books.


    Take everything one day at a time!