Simple Ideas for Entertaining Babies at Home


ideas for entertaining babies


Who knew magnets were so fascinating? We have a stainless steel fridge so it is not so fun when it comes to magnets, but we have a metal garage door and two magnets combined with this kept my ten month old entertained for at least 15 minutes aka 4 hours in baby time.

She started to figure out that if she turned it a certain way it would stick to the door. So it wasn’t just about taking it off, but putting it back on as well. 

Be sure to keep an eye on your kiddos to make sure they don’t try and eat the magnets.



Mirror Time

Babies love to see themselves! Place a baby-safe mirror on the floor and show your sweetie themselves! It is a dual-purpose activity as it also gives baby a chance to work that core with some solid tummy time.


Instruments with baby : Corpus Christi : coastal bend momsInstruments

Simple instruments can keep baby entertained for a while. We love maracas and shaker eggs because they are simple and, to be honest, not too loud!



Washi Tape on the Floor


For those little ones starting to work on their pincher grasp, this is great – even if they have already developed it. I realized that I couldn’t leave a tab up for Amelia, but if I secured the washi tape to the floor it took her a bit to actually peel it up.

Great with enhancing fine motor skills. Of course, this will work with any kind of tape: painters, masking, etc. 


Flash Cards with Baby : Corpus Christi Moms : Coastal Bend Moms

Flash Cards

Flash cards are a fun and simple way to expose baby to new things. If you don’t have any at home, no problem! Grab some index cards, posterboard, or cardboard and get artistic! You can create anything: simple shapes and patterns are super stimulating for baby, so you don’t need to overthink it!





Read Books

At first, I wanted Amelia to sit and listen to each book and look at the pictures. The truth is, that is just not going to happen.

So while she plays, I read her a book. And, although she may not understand it, I know the benefits are great. 


Watch LIVE readings of books

This is a great resource for some screen time without the #momguilt.

I also follow several authors and publishing companies on Instagram and they are hosting LIVE readings of various books.

I personally enjoy the LIVE readings that “Drag Queen Story Hour” has been offering this week. 





What are some of the ways that you are keeping your littlest babes entertained while home? Share in the comments and we will update this list!


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