Hello! Will the real Jillian Black, Please Stand Up?


Hello, Coastal Bend Mommas! I am so honored to be here. I have been craving to be apart of a tribe of mothers. I am so freaking excited to get to know ya’ll!

What if my future best friend is reading this right now? Hey, girl. Where you been?

Motherhood has been a huge part of my life, but before I dive into the kiddie pool, let me introduce myself. 

Hey, Mamacita I’m Jillian 😉

Me Jillian black

I am a contemporary artist specializing in painting, full time student, and stay at home mom. 

Girl at pool

Poolside, Acrylic on Canvas. Now on show at Lazy Beach Brewing, till Oct 2021.

Summer solstice

Summer Solstice, Acrylic on Canvas

I grew up in Oakdale, a small town in California. Oakdale is a gas up spot on your way to Yosemite. Oftenly, my hometown is referred to as, The Cowboy Capital of the World. Yehaw!

Oakdale California

Every year around April, the rodeo comes to town. The rodeo is the biggest community event all year next to high school football games. I have fond memories of wranglers, pink cowboy boots, big belt buckles, and lots of leather.

I moved to Jacksonville, Florida shortly after graduating high school in 2005. Florida was a whole new world for me. I was only nineteen and being out on my own was scary and exciting. I loved it! 

Jax Florida

I lived in Jacksonville for seven years. I got married, bought a house, and had my older two boys.

Batman painting and boys

One of my very first Gotham paintings. We love Batman.

Their father passed away in 2012 and at twenty four I became a widow.

After that life altering tragedy, we explored different places. We moved around a bit, and finally created a new life for ourselves in Texas.

We adore Texas.

Family lex photo
Boys at sunset
Girl holding lex
Boy holding lex

After all, the sun shines the brightest after the rain.

We lived in Austin for three years. I have never experienced a community, vibe, and overall good energy that Austin has. The art scene in Austin, inspired me so much that it began my career as an artist. Granted, I had always loved to paint; but, when I was immersed in the depths of creative genius that is Austin, I made up my mind to purposely pursue creating and to nurture my imagination.

Landing my first art show in Austin in 2014 was fabulous, and I scored it, by chance, by encountering an exotic waiter at a pancake place. Ion! —little tangent alert—Flash Back to Austin— After dropping my kids off at school one morning, I decided to get some breakfast at Kerby Lane Cafe. Take in account, that I had only lived in Austin a very brief time, so everything was new. So, I want to say this was either my first or second time at this restaurant. Right when you walk in you notice local art, and the sweet smell of maple syrup. I sit at the bar and the waiter asks if I want some coffee? Black, just like my last name please. Anyhow, it just so happened to be his current art show. Coffee banter led to finding out what I need to do to get an exhibition of my own.

Turns out, all you got to do is ask.

First art show

My first Art Show, and a humbling photo of my skill when I started.

Jillian in Austin, first art show

This is a picture of my first Art Walk Booth in Austin. 2014

Pelican stare

Pelican Stare 1st Place in the Independent’s Show, works on Canvas, Art Center Of Corpus Christi, 2021

Flash Forward to now, in beautiful Corpus Christi. Christi has been good to us, and we love her for it. When we first moved here, I felt like Corpus was my own island. Of course, their was other people on it but, in general, mine. I had never lived so close to the beach, and driving on the sand the first time felt so free.

When I move somewhere, and nothing is familiar, I feel like a crusader on a quest of pilgrimage.

I am Jilliananda Jones.

Jill Indiana Jones

I met my fiancée here, in Corpus Christi, and we bought a house together. We also had our (surprise!) healthy baby here, and maybe not in that order. Also, (surprise, another boy!) My older two sons are happy here, handsome, and thriving. We love their schools, our neighborhood, and our beautiful home.

Jagger baby and me
Selfie with the sweetie

I could not ask for more. 

When we first visited Corpus, we fell in love with the low key atmosphere., the lack-of traffic, and coastal vibes. I never thought of myself living in the same place for very long, but I am laying roots here. Maybe not forever, I want to retire with my honey in Hawaii some day.

This is Us. 

This is us

My Fiancée is a dedicated first responder, and our own personal Batman. He is very involved in the community, and a great person. I lucked out the evening I met him at the Harbor Playhouse. 

Sean spaceman

Sean standing in front of my spaceman painting wearing one of my first art shirts

My sons from oldest to youngest are Bear, Abraham, and Jagger.

Abraham and I have been taking karate classes at Life Martial Arts for just about a year now. We are soon to receive our green belts. We have so much fun.

Life martial arts

Ebearan just started high school. I can not believe I have a kid in high school! Ebearan is our very own encyclopedia, if I have a question, ask Ebearan. He is also one of the most unique people you would ever meet. I love hearing about all his ideas, and dreams about the future. I expect great things from this young man.

Bear at the science museum

Thumbs Up! Ebearan at The Museum of Natural Science in Houston 🙂 (yes, it is meant to be funny)

If I need help, I ask Abraham. Abraham is so responsible. He impresses me everyday with his accountability, leadership skills, and love for his brothers. Last night, I told him I did not sleep well the night before, and he told me he would pray for me. Abraham is very special, and my left hand man.

Abraham at Nueces


If I need cuddles, I ask Jagger. Jagger is our miracle and glue holding his family together. His laughs and silliness bring so much happiness to this household.

Jagger at park


Now that I’ve introduced you to my beautiful family I just want to say again how happy I am to be here. I hope to bring a sense of lightheartedness, with a little humor and wisdom along the way. I am extremely look forward to meeting everyone of you. There is nothing more special than women supporting each other.

Jill and spoon bill