Super Simple Summer Recipe: Rainbow Fruit Tray


Summer Recipes are my favorite!

I love grabbing a bunch of fresh fruit from a local fruit stand or the market, and creating fresh and flavorful plates for my family.

One of my favorite “treats” for my kids are fruit rainbows and rainbow kabobs!

This SUPER simple recipe is comprised of an assortment of fruits – all colors of the rainbow. Simply cut fruit into bite-sized pieces and arrange on a plate or slide onto a bamboo skewer. Even better – have your kids help arrange the rainbow or place the fruit on the skewer – it’s a fun way to practice that hand-eye coordination for the littles!

For our most recent rainbow, I also included mini-marshmallows for the “clouds”. Another option would be to use yummy whipped cream as the clouds and let your kiddo’s dip. DELISH!

Rainbow Fruit TrayRed-Strawberries

Orange- Cutie Oranges

Yellow- Pineapple

Blue/Purple- Blueberries

Green- Kiwi

Clouds- Marshmallows

I have made variations of this idea over the years and it is fun to switch it up. This year I added fresh pineapple as a yellow which was a newer taste for them as we don’t often have fresh. And kiwi for green. Both were a big hit and they are still talking about it!

Playing with food (although frowned upon in 1950’s movies) is actually a great way to get your kids to try new foods! What are some of your favorite ways to introduce new foods?

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