Spend More Time Outside: Our Family’s Goal in 2021


spend more time outside

This year my family and I set a goal to spend more time outside in order to take things more slowly (a lesson we learned in 2020). To keep ourselves accountable, we decided to quantify and track it. Therefore, our goal is to spend 500 hours outside by December 31, 2021.

As I am writing this, we are about halfway through January, and we have already logged 30 hours outside! So even if we don’t make it to 500 hours by the end of the year, we are already further along than if we haven’t even tried. The “nature habit” is forming (as well as a nice farmer’s tan), and all of us desire to go out more often…especially my one year old. She’s learned from our dog to stand by the door and shout if she wants to go out, which happens to be all the time. In a couple of years, I would love to try to aim for 1,000 hours spent outside!

Why 500 Hours?

The inspiration for this challenge came from 1000hoursoutside.com. Since we are relatively new to the Coastal Bend’s sweltering summers (and mosquito population), we decided to aim for half of the 1,000-hour challenge.

To reach 500 hours in the Coastal Bend area, we will need to spend an average of two hours per day from January through April, and then from October through December. During the hottest months, May through September, we will spend an average of 30 minutes outside. However, I didn’t account for hurricane season, which is June through November. I anticipate that we will have to have some extended beach days and go on a couple of camping trips to make up for those stormy days. And we’ll have to buy a lot of bug spray!

How To Track Time Spent Outside

We are using a tracker I found on 1000hoursoutside.com. Our tracker goes up to 1,000 hours, so we’re hoping to fill half of it.

How To Spend More Time Outside in Coastal Bend

So far, we have spent our outdoor time in our backyard, local parks, and local trails.


Our backyard is nothing special, but it’s enough for our one year old. We have a small patch of grass, a swing, water table, slide, and a kiddie pool for hotter days. We plan on adding a small sandbox or mud kitchen later in the year. We may even plant some potted vegetables. We also enjoy bringing out bubbles, a basket of books, and an outdoor blanket for quieter moments.


Here is a list of Corpus Christi parks we use when we want to find a new park to explore.


Here is a list of Coastal Bend trails we use when we want to change things up.


I also plan on going to the beach more often this year. Here are five favorite Coastal Bend beaches.

Local Splash Pads

Corpus Christi has a few splash pads that are open from May to October. We’ll definitely hit them up to find relief in the summer heat.


Here’s a post filled with links to camping near and far.


Since my daughter is currently obsessed with spotting and watching birds, we might have to take advantage of the 215 spotted species here in Corpus Christi. The city has been named the “birdiest city in America” by the Audubon Society for all of its migratory birds. We will use this birding guide to take advantage of the unique opportunity given to us!

Other Outdoor Adventures

Here are some more outdoor activities to do in Corpus Christi.

Please let us know how you spend your outdoor time in the Coastal Bend!