Brandi Odgers

corpus christi summer

Corpus Christi Summer: Retreat From This Summer Helliday

I am naturally an optimistic person. I believe in the importance of checking our perspectives, which can make a huge difference in our daily experiences. In fact, it’s my No. 1 tip for thriving...
Treasure Basket Ideas

A Treasure Basket for Baby and Toddler Exploration

When my daughter was a baby, I thoroughly enjoyed creating a treasure basket for her to explore. I collected items from around the house and put them into a basket so that she could...

5 Tips for Thriving in a New City

If you just moved or are about to move, you might be wondering how you can establish normalcy in your new city. As a military spouse who has moved three times in the last...
Sensory Bin Scoops and Bowls

How to Make a Sensory Bin, Plus Sensory Bin Ideas

Sensory bins have been increasing in popularity over the past few years as creative ideas flood Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards. Essentially, a sensory bin is a tub filled with items that stimulate a...
Spring Hygge Market Lighting

Spring Hygge: How to find coziness in the warmer months

Spring hygge is in the air! As a Midwest girl, never did I imagine I would be sitting down to write on a late January Saturday morning and look out my window to see...
spend more time outside

Spend More Time Outside: Our Family’s Goal in 2021

This year my family and I set a goal to spend more time outside in order to take things more slowly (a lesson we learned in 2020). To keep ourselves accountable, we decided to...

15 Ways to Use Stacking Cups

If you have a baby or toddler, you may own this set of stacking cups and nesting cups from The First Years. An Amazon Best Seller, it has been my baby’s favorite toy for...

Holidays at Home: 25 Activities for an Unusual Holiday Season

For Christmas 2020, there may be less to do. There may be no office Christmas party, no traveling to see distant family, and no seasonal theater or concerts. If you're opting to stay home...
minimalist toy shelf

The Minimalist Toy Shelf and Toy Rotation

Are you a minimalist mom or desire to be one? Maybe you’re tired of all the toys and clutter. Or maybe you’re over the constant buying and throwing away of toys. Or, most likely,...
Mess Free Finger Painting

Mess-Free Fall Finger Painting

My 10-month-old loves all things sensory, so I’ve been putting together sensory activities for her over the past five months. One memorable art project we did when she was five months old was a mess-free finger...