DIY Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve with your Kids


DIY Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve (With your Kids)

DIY New Years Eve

Whether you bring in the New Year at noon with your kids, or let them stay up late. Chances are you are searching for some fun things to do together for New Years! I know you can buy packages of poppers, and noise makers at the store, but sometimes it’s fun to make things at home!

This year I wanted to make some homemade New Years crafts with my kiddos, my daughter is on a huge DIY kick and loved the idea as well!

New Years Eve Confetti Fireworks

I found this idea for “Confetti Fireworks” made out of TP rolls,  and tweaked it a bit. We used left over Christmas supplies, and everything else we had around the house. We LOVED making these, and can’t wait to use them this week! We made homemade confetti, and mixed it with sequins I’ve had for years. The idea is that you will pull the trap door, and the confetti will fall out of the bottom!

New Years Eve Party Hats

What party is complete with out party hats? Again we had all these supplies at home, and they were super simple.You could always google a template for party hat cones, but I just measured a half circle with an 11 inch radius to create a template of my own. I then folded the cone into the shape i wanted, and stapled closed. I had some thin bracelet elastic we measured for the chin strap, and we decorated with gems and pom poms. Also kids LOVE alphabet stickers so much, I need to always have these on hand.

diy new years activities

New Years Eve Noise Makers

These noise makers are nothing fancy, except this time I added a little jingle bell flair which was a HUGE hit over here! We used beads, and jingle bells to fill our decorated paper plates. We then stapled the edges and secured a large popsicle stick as a handle with hot glue. These are perfect because you can decorate them as much or as little as desired. Use glitter, stickers, pom poms, gems etc. Have fun!

diy new years activities

DIY Count Down (To New Years Eve!)

This could be used multiple ways. You could count down for 10 hours… (if you’re super ambitious), or for the traditional last ten seconds before the ball drops. We decorated a paper plate, and cut two slits about 2 inches apart from each other. Then using paper of choice we made a long slip of paper, and then fed the strip through the two slits. I then had my daughter write the numbers 10-0 so that we could count down! It turned out pretty cute, and I am excited to use it!

diy new years activities

I am excited to ring in the New Year and Now my kids are super excited too! What are you doing for New Years Eve? For a reflection New Years activity check out this post from last year!

diy new years activities