Decorating for Christmas and Why It’s Important!


Christmas is a tim20161112_132903e of magic. A joyous time, and a time for family. When it comes to decorating I like to switch it up every year. What’s more fun than decorating? For me, nothing. I can decorate for nearly every season and holiday, but Christmas will always be my favorite.

I feel rather lucky that my love of Christmas is rubbing off on my daughter. Sundays we could stay in our Christmas pajamas and binge on Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas, in fact we may have done that one weekend. When we run errands she is my lookout for Christmas decorations and ideas. She may also be my Pinterest buddy when I’m looking for ideas.

This year with my mom coming for Christmas, I wanted to take a step back to my younger years in Tennessee and the farm.  I, of course had to add in the famous red trucks with Christmas trees because my husba20161109_180337nd loves them. And I let my daughter make homemade mason jar snow globes for our decor. Homemade decor is the best decor.

I love anything rustic, the more natural the better. Truthfully, I loved the rustic and farmhouse style before Chip and Jo made it cool. But I am so glad they did because now its easier to find what I want, and I don’t have to have my husband make it. 

So of course many of my Christmas decorations are on par with my natural loving style. Why not bring a little of my family Tennessee farm with me to small Navy town Texas?

Decorating for Christmas is important to bring tradition and little bit of home to a place that isn’t home.

When you move as often as we do, the simplest decorations can make the biggest difference, that is why it is important for us to decorate. We want the traditions we start to continue on after our daughter goes off to college and begins her own life.

Although, even when she’s gone I will still be decorating, bringing a little magic to a home that may not be our forever home.

Even our rescue dog, Remington loves Christmas.
Even our rescue dog, Remington loves Christmas.