5 Tips to staying healthy (without a mask!)


5 Tips to Staying Healthy (without a mask!)

We are so grateful to share this guest post from a local professional. If you or any other person has a medical concern, you should consult with your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment immediately. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something that you have read on this blog, website or in any linked materials.

5 Tips for staying healthy without a maskThis week has seen some big changes already in our community! As of Wednesday, March 10th, Governor Abbott’s mask mandate will be rescinded, allowing us to travel through our community without a mask.  This change was met with some trepidation for some of us and leaves a lot of people with mixed feeling on the topic.  While I can tell you to do what makes you feel comfortable, as a certified holistic health professional and naturopath, I want to do more than just a pat on the back!  

Here is a quick list of five things you can do to improve your body’s health and wellness status and enable it to function at its optimal level- including your immune system! 

~ONE ~ This is a hard one for a lot of us, but steer clear of the processed sugars. These are so hard for our bodies to process, but even more damaging is that they provide a veritable buffet for the bacteria, viruses and bugs in our systems. Americans on average get more than seventeen teaspoons of _added_ sugar (on top of what is already naturally in the food) per day- that’s up to 3x the recommended amount!

~ TWO ~ Hydrate. Every biological process in our bodies require water to function, especially the detoxification process. You should try to consume half of your body weight in ounces each day- and that’s not even the additional amount needed to compensate for that cup of coffee or tea! So, if you’re 100 pounds (circa seventh grade, lol) you would need 50 fluid ounces of water a day.

~ THREE ~ Sleep is critical! So many important repairs and restore functions happen while we sleep, we can’t run on four hours of sleep and call it good! Different bodies need different amounts, but aiming for 6-8 hours of good rest gives your body a chance to clean house and fix the damage from the day. Do you struggle getting _good_ sleep?  Try turning off screens an hour before bed to come down off the blue light exposure before attempting to sleep. 

~ FOUR ~ Move it, move it! Our lymphatic system is the clean-up crew for all of the cellular debris, including any viruses and bacteria our immune system destroys, however, it lacks a pump like our circulatory system. This function relies entirely on muscle movement- and if we’re not moving the lymph, it can collect in areas of our bodies. This about that like dirty dish water just sitting in the bottom of the sink…gross. Aim for at least 30 minutes of purposeful movement in your day to keep this system moving and carrying the trash out with it!

~ FIVE ~ Get outside! Your body needs sunshine and fresh air every day to function properly, and get the vitamin D you need, just for starters. These are critical elements to your immune system as well. 

~ BONUS ~ Remember, fear literally depletes your body of the energy it needs.  Research has shown a measurable drop in the electromagnetic frequency of the body in the presence of stress and fear, moving you further away from healthy ranges and toward lower ranges where disease begins to get a foothold.  Don’t worry yourself into poor health by worrying over good health- take action and have confidence in the amazing system you have!

~ QUESTIONS? ~ I am always available through my naturopathic office by phone (361) 902-8899 or by email ([email protected]

LaDonna Rocha HeadshotAbout the author: Ladonna Rocha is a Certified Holistic Health Professional and a clinical herbalist.  She is working towards completing her Doctor of Naturopathy this summer. She is also a conventional medicine professional as a neurosurgical specialist. Ladonna’s practice is located at 4466 S Staples St, and she can be reached through her website (LaDonnaRochaNaturopath.com) via email ([email protected]) or by phone (361-902-8899)
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