November is Diabetes Awareness Month


National Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes Awareness : Coastal Bend Moms : Corpus Christi

November is Diabetes Awareness Month

So what is diabetes? There are a few types of diabetes, these types are Type One Diabetes (formally known as Juvenile Diabetes), Type Two Diabetes, and Gestational Diabetes (occurring during pregnancy). All of these types manifest in different ways, and have different processes happening in the body. 

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Understanding Carbohydrates

In any individual the body needs carbohydrates. Carbohydrates of any kind are broken down to create energy. These carbohydrates are carried in to the blood stream and delivered throughout the body with a hormone called insulin. Insulin is created in the pancreas. 

An Auto Immune Disorder

Type One Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder in which the pancreas stops making the insulin necessary to carry the carbohydrate energy throughout the body. It is not preventable, and can manifest it’s self at any time. An individual who presents with Type One diabetes is genetically pre-disposed to develop it. Many studies have been done to conclude why individuals present with their disease at different times but the studies are inconclusive. Many times the onset of the disease is following some sort of “trigger”, or physical stress on the body. 

Managing Type One Diabetes With Insulin

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Type One Diabetes must be managed with insulin, as the body no longer creates this on its own. Insulin can be injected via an insulin pump, or through shots and a few other methods. No amount of diet and exercise can “cure” Type one Diabetes, but conscientious diet and exercise can increase the body’s absorption of the insulin injected. Individuals with Type One Diabetes must inject insulin related to each gram of carbohydrate they consume. This artificial insulin works to pull the glucose (carbohydrate) from the blood stream in to the body’s cells. In the past Type one was thought to present itself in anyone from 6 months old to 30 years old, but it now is known to present later in life as well. 

Type Two Diabetes

Type Two Diabetes is when the pancreas continues to make some insulin but the body resists it, creating a state of insulin resistance. Although Type Two Diabetes also has a genetic prevalence it can be managed (although not completely “cured”) with thoughtful diet and exercise. Type Two Diabetes may also need to be managed with some insulin, or medication to increase the body’s ability to use the insulin that the pancreas is making. Historically speaking Type Two diabetes manifested it’s self in older adults but is increasing in children and young adults as well. 

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What do you need to watch for? And why is this important? 

Symptoms of Diabetes can be mistaken for many other disease processes but misdiagnoses can lead to fatal consequences.

  • Extreme thirst
  • Frequent urination
  • Extreme hunger
  • And Weight loss are commonly the first signs.
  • Followed by vague feelings of fatigue, lethargy, and random vomiting.

These symptoms are related to the high levels of sugar in the blood (because there is no insulin to pull it in to the body cells). If these symptoms go undiagnosed the sugar levels in the blood can rise to such a dangerous level the body actually enters an “acidic” state which can be fatal. If you are concerned about your child having any of these symptoms request that they be checked for diabetes, it only takes one drop of blood. 

*This article is written by a Mom’s Blog Contributor and should not be used for medical purposes. The purpose of this article is simply to raise awareness, and educate.* You can read more articles from Emily and her journey being a Type 1 mama in the previous posts Embracing the Holidays with Type One Diabetes and Back to School with Type One Diabetes.

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Raising Diabetes Awareness

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