FRIDAY FAVES: 5 Things Giving Me Life Right Now {Erin}


Happy Friday! Here is my list of the things bringing me happiness, contentment and entertainment in this weird, new world of ours. Enjoy my Friday Faves!

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Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens is an absolutely beautiful novel. It’s the story of a girl, abandoned in the marshes of North Carolina in the 50s and 60s, who learns to survive on her own while facing starvation, weather and the cruelty of people in the nearby town. Featuring gorgeous descriptions of the nature that surrounds and nurtures her, it also weaves in the story of a murder mystery. I have not cried in a long time while reading a book, but I cried several times by the end of this one. Do not miss!

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Alone is a reality show on the History Channel featuring ten survival experts, dropped in different sections of some of the harshest environments on Earth. The participants are left completely isolated from each other and the outside world to film their experiences, no video crew with them. Each person can only bring ten survival items to last as long as he or she can in the wild, facing predators, extreme weather, starvation, fire, loneliness and boredom. The last person standing wins half a million dollars, or in the case of season seven, a million dollars. There have been seven seasons to date and I have binge watched them all.

Most of the contestants are men. But, there are also some badass women contestants, who know how to handle themselves in the extreme elements. It’s empowering to see females hunting, fishing, trapping, building log cabins, using a bow and arrow, gathering, problem solving, crafting, surviving and thriving with no one to depend on but themselves. Girl power!

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I love game night! My husband and I aren’t having as many as used to (thanks COVID) but we do have the occasional friend over to enjoy drinks, snacks and games. Some of our Friday faves are The Bears and The Bees, Forbidden Island, Carcassonne and Pandemic. Yes, there is an actual game where you and your team must survive a pandemic while trying to prevent outbreaks and infection. Spoiler alert: the last time we played, humanity survived, but just barely. Fun!


Bring a small part of the day spa experience to your home. I adore cucumber water, and with this pitcher, I have it on hand all the time. In the middle tube, add cucumber, lemon, strawberries or any other fruit you like. Fill it up with water, let sit in the refrigerator for a few hours and then enjoy. Cold, refreshing and a nice change from plain water or seltzer. Cheers!


Boring, right? Bear with me. Since everyone in my house has been pretty much home all the time, the floors seem like they are always dirty. Then, I got a handy, dandy robot vacuum, and it has been awesome! Set it to go and be amazed at how much dirt the little sucker picks up. I run it in a different section of the house every day. I still have to vacuum with the regular vacuum, but only once a week now, instead of what felt like all the time. Yes!

Friday Faves


Purchase this robot vacuum here.

I hope you enjoy these Friday Faves any day of the week! Take care of yourself and be well!

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