Books for a 2020 Gift: Gratitude, Self-love, Awareness, and Compassion


This may be an understatement, but I love books! My mom and aunt are teachers as was my mother-in-law so the appreciation runs deep. (And from birth for both my husband and I.) From baby showers, engagement parties, and birthdays I’ve relished in gifting a treasured book for someone else to enjoy.

One of the things that took over my baby registry was books. Thanks to this my son now has all of the Star Wars Golden Books, a book signed by its author, and so much more.

Now, when looking forward to the holiday season we, and our social media ads, are flooded with toys, video games, and electronics. But, what’s wrong with throwing a good book in there? Here are some of my favorite different children’s books!

Gratitude, Self-Love, Self Awareness, and Compassion:






Teach the little leader of tomorrow what they’re feeling, how to love themselves, and how to love others.