Microblog: Thankful for Friendship.



November and December are times where we take stock of what we are thankful for in our lives. I am thankful for my friends.

I am thankful for my friends and for all the friendships in my life. Friendship is so important. You need friends in life that are always there for you. I have so many different kinds…

Those friends who offer to be a shoulder to cry on when life gets you down. You can vent to each other when frustration hits. To have girls nights with. There are old friends who know everything about you and new friends who bond with you over shared moments.

Best friends, mom friends, the ones who answer your call at 2 a.m., they pick you up if you have a flat tire, those who make you laugh, and who give you happy tears.

They know your grief, and they know your heart. The ones who gossip with you and the ones who watch your kids for you when you need a mental health day.

They call and check up on you. Or they are just as tired and you might not hear from them that often but you know they still love you.

They have different lives, and personalities but I’m so thankful for all my crazy, amazing, wonderful, beautiful, loyal, talented, and generous friends.

They have blessed me in so many ways and I love them for it.

Written by: Jessica Davila – Senior Writer CBMC