Maria Perez

Wife. Boy Mom. Doggo Mom. Corpus Christi lover. Social media wizard.

“The Office” : An Epic Cake Smash Experience

Anyone with a boy can attest to the fact that finding things that are “cute” can be difficult. Typically there are sayings and graphics on primary color clothing. Step and repeat. Unless you’re crafty,...

Meet The Team: Maria

Coastal Bend I am a Corpus Christi native and very proud of it. I went to Collegiate High School where my love for civic involvement first budded. From there I was eventually an intern with...
New Baby

One Year Old: An Ode to my Son, Myself, and our Growth

This time last year I was anxiously trying to make sure everything was ready for my son -while at the same time ignoring the Braxton Hicks, growing bump, and never-ending bathroom trips. Seriously ignoring...
Image of an expecting mom, sitting cross legged on a white bed, making a list on a clipboard, planning things to take to the hospital. Also pictured: a blue diaper bag, 2 baby bottles, and a pacifier.

Packing a Hospital Bag – What do I really need?

Being a first-time mom and not having any clue what to pack for the hospital led me down a seemingly never-ending rabbit hole of blog posts. There were so many contradicting posts in relation...

Strike a Pose! Why I let my son model.

One of the hardest things about coming out of a very lonely pregnancy is finding those who you trust and can be comfortable with. My best friend just-so-happens to be the assistant at Sweetest...

One Year Later: A Pregnancy, Pandemic, and a Baby

Last year at this time I was celebrating our wedding weekend in Las Vegas. It was the first time in six months that all of my siblings and I had been together, my husband...

Own Your Voice

Growing up I was taught to speak my mind. Of course, this also means I was taught when to speak my mind: "A time and a place", my grandma would tell me. All of my...

Dealing with the Mommy Blues

During the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I was informed, warned, and prepared for the possibility of postpartum depression. I was aware of what to look for and what to do in the...
Books as Gifts-Pop Culture

Books for a 2020 Gift: Celebrity Written & Pop Culture

Sometimes a celebrity will shock us and do something outside of their usual wheelhouse. Cookbooks, technology, and more so why would a children's book be any different? When your little one has a favorite...
Books as Gifts- Music

Books for a 2020 Gift: Music

Artists and the art. Help teach the littles about musical styles, singers, writers, and true appreciation for new and different music!ópez/dp/149981142X/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Selena+children%27s+book&qid=1605248451&sr=8-1   Hope these get you and yours grooving and moving!