Fall Wreath DIY for $15


I love Fall wreaths for my front door! They are the perfect simple decoration to liven up your front porch. They can stand alone, or be the perfect additional element to your theme. BUT they are SO expensive. I recently loved a Fall wreath at Hobby Lobby and it was over 60$!

Fall Wreath DIY

So I decided to make my own wreath this Fall! You can easily gather supplies from any craft store, but I was on limited funds so I actually gathered all my supplies from Walmart!

Supplies Needed For your own Fall Wreath:

  • Wreath Base of Choice
  • 4-6 bunches of large leaf greenery (mine is Eucalyptus)
  • 4-6 bunches of small leaf greenery
  • 2 Chrysanthemums without stems
  • 1-2 small foam white pumpkins
  • 6 sprigs of the accent of choice, I used these white “Babies Breath” looking things, but I also thought little white berries would be cute. Be creative.
  • 1 sprig of Cotton
  • Hot glue, and floral wire

All my supplies came out to be just about $15.00!

DYI Fall Wreath 15$

Assembling The Wreath:

When making my own wreath I always lay everything out first. I like to envision several different ways of placing things before I actually commit to gluing.

That said, a general rule of thumb would be to layout your base greenery first.


Next, I did my cotton, followed by flowers

I worked from the outside in, in order to work around the center spot where I wanted my pumpkin to sit. I attached all the pieces by sticking them into my wreath base and then securing them with hot glue and floral wire.


Once I was done I was so excited to hang it up and officially welcome in Fall! Tag us with your Fall wreath creations!

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