DIY Dollar Store Skeleton Wreath


Halloween and Fall are my favorites. The weather changes, families spend more time outside and any holiday that offers me the opportunity to get a bucket of Reese’s cups is ok in my book!

My kids have always loved dressing up and get excited about their costumes, but this is the first year that they are really excited about decorating the house too. Maybe like the rest of us, they are just ready for some fun in 2020 and excited to dress up our house. Because of this new excitement, I wanted to make them each a DIY dollar store skeleton wreath for their bedroom doors.


I headed to the dollar store to gather supplies, for two wreaths I ended up spending a total of $9.00 (if you are only making 1 wreath your total would be $6.00).

Supplies Needed:

Steps to create your Wreath:

  1. Because I was making two I cut the cloth in half. Even if you are only making one you may still want it to cut it in half to make it easier to wrap. Also, some of the green still comes through on mine, but if you want to hide the green you may want to wrap the wreath in black tape first.
  2. Using your glue gun to glue the end of your cloth to the wreath, then start wrapping until you have covered the whole thing. Glue the end to secure. 
  3. Then you will deconstruct your plastic skeleton. Take the head off of the body and use your glue gun to glue the head to the top of your wreath. Then you will glue the body to the middle of the wreath form. (You can have it hang in the back or the front.)
  4. Take the garland and clip off the ring on the heads of the skeleton that have the strings attaching them together. Take three of them and glue them around the sides. I also took the heads off of some of them to glue in between the full skeletons. You can organize them in different ways. For one wreath I used three packs of the garland, one for the full skeletons and the two others for the little heads I glued on the top.

DIY Dollar Store Skeleton Wreath

And that’s it YOUR DONE!

Now the kids have a cute/creepy personal wreath to hang on their bedroom doors. Not only does this help decorate the house and get us into the Halloween spirit it was also a fun project to do with the kids!

DIY Dollar Store Skeleton Wreath

What spooky decorations have you put out at your house? Show us your DIY Dollar Store Skeleton Wreath by tagging us on Social Media by tagging @coastalbendmomcollective! And if you are looking for things to do this fall take a look at our Coastal Bend Guide to Fall Events


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